August is over – and therefore offically summer too. But as disappointing as summer was (at least here in Berlin & in germany), I am still hoping for a golden autumn and hopefully a very sunny september. And even though august was not the best summer month we’ve had, it still has been quite exciting. What was going on in detail & all my outfits of last month – let’s take a look… .


the LONDON looks

My first post of the months was a combined one – with all my outfits and tips from London. You can find all the looks that I’ve worn in the british capital and my recommendations for the city in particular here.



Second look of the month was this all-time favorite for a summer in the city: the Gingham Shorts with a dash of Chanel. These pictures actually have been shot in Berlin, even though they appear to be a bit mediterranean or? Where exactly you can find this beautoful spot in Berlin – check it out in this post.



The third and last outfitpost of august was this combination with a super cute bowknot top, jeans and my newest addiotion to my bag collection: the crossbody bag from Fred de la Bretoniere.  Why I’m still loving the country side (even though I’m totally a big city girl) and more impressions from the middle of nowhere- in this post.




The most clicked blogpost of the month was (drumroll … ): my very long Travel Guide for London! Seems like you enjoyed this post a lot, as it was picturing all my outfits but also covered the sections of Food, Sightseeing and my favorite Blogger- and Instagram Hotspots. Here you can still read it and get much more insights.



Also this month there was a clear favorite on my Instagram. This picture from the baltic sea (that actually makes me look like Snow White – no bronze tan or summer feelings whatsoever 😉 ) was your most clicked picture on the Gram. Thanks a lot for all your love and comments there, babes!


The beginning of the month started with a little roadtrip to the baltic sea. Me and my girl decided to pack our bags and get away for a weekend and it was one of the best ideas we ever had. 😉 The sea side will always be my happy place, no matter what. Read more about my roots and my home town here.


Just when we arrived back in Berlin, I started to feel sick and went to the doctor. Eventually, my immune system wasn’t as strong as I thought and the last couple of weeks and months have been harder than I wanted to admit… . So in the end, I took care of myself and stayed home for a few days. Taking a break is not a bad thing, which it seems like I still need to learn that… .


After some days off, I finally felt better and I was so happy that we could attend the wedding of some friends. My boyfriend has been chosen as the best man, so the whole ceremony was very heart-warming and we had such a fun time! Also in general, I’ve been pretty happy that I had some time to meet friends and family in august. We also got some freinds over from Hamburg, soI had a great time with my girls showing them around here in Berlin.  ♥



Eventually, the summer will end (even though I don’t ant to admit that). But as we are flying to Majorca in end of september, I’m still craving some cute summer dresses and bikinis. Nevertheless, the new collections have arrived to the stores and I collected some of my favorite trends for this autumn here:



Travelingwise As I already mentioned, we finally booked our looong summer holidyays for the mid/ end of september and we will stay for ten days in majorca. I couldn’t be happier and more excited, as we didn’t have a long holiday this year.Maybe you remember that we only had some city trips or long weekends, but not really a long holiday… . So I guess one could say that we are more than overdue for some days off. 🙂

Blogwise There will be lots of interesting projects coming up in september. The first weekend already starts with the Bread & Butter fashion fair from Zalando, where a lot of well-known designers and brands will be exhibited. Also, we will attend the IFA (the biggest fair for electronic goods) and test some technical gadgets. And last but not least, I’m looking forward to the Lollapalooza Festival middle of september with lots of good music and interesting workshops. So – stay tuned for lots of content to come here on the blog and on Insta!

Personally I’m really excited about the upcoming month of september. There will be lots of work and projects so probably it’ll also get a bit stressful. But on the other hand, I’m happy about all these projects that I have the chance to be a part of. And of course: I cannot wait for our holidays to start. 🙂

So thanks to all of you, for reading this (quite long) blogpost and also in general for always stopping by here on Style Appetite! I hope you had a great time in august an d wish you all the best for september. And please let me know in the comments, what kind of plans you have for the next month – any  projects or travel plans?  ♥


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