Marrakech travel guide | Sightseeing, restaurants & more

So finally here it is: my full guide about our trip to Marrakech! You might remember my reviews about our two lovely riads:  Le Médina Privilège  and Safran et Canelle Riad . So if you’re in search a good place to stay, there you go. Also, if you’re worried about what to take with you and how to dress, I’ve provided you with a dress code for Marrakech here. But I need to say that in general, all our worries were redundant as the city itself is not at all unsafe or dangerous. Of course you might not take the most quiet street in the middle of the night – but I also wouldn’t do that here in Berlin as well. 😉 So grab you bags and let’s go – here is what you shouldn’t miss on your trip to Marrakech!


We stayed in total four nights so almost five days in Marrakech and I would say that this is the optimum length. We had more than enough time to get a good impression of the city, have good food but also took a little trip into the countryside around the Moroccan capital. Of course we could not see everything and I definitely like to go to the desert next time. But I guess it was a good start to exploring the north African country.  

Tombeaux Saadiens

These tombs are next to Marrakech’s biggest mosque and therefore really central to reach. (By the way, the mosque is only open to Muslims, not for tourists in case you’re wondering.) The Tombeaux Saadiens offer amazing mosaics and a lovely courtyard which feels a bit like a small oasis in the buzzing streets of Marrakech.  But in general, the place is not too big so you won’t take more than 30-45 minutes to take a stroll here.


Jardin Majorelle & Saint Laurent Museum

A bit outside of Marrakech but definitely worth the travel: the Jardin Majorelle! The most convenient way to get there is probably by taxi  (should be around ~100 Dirham from city center) and you’ll be there in about 10-15 minutes. The Jardin Majorelle is one of the most visited sights in Marrakech, so you should get here earliest as possible. This way, you can enjoy the garden and the amazing cobalt blue buildings a bit for yourself. The garden has been founded by Jacques Majorelle and in 1980, Yves Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Bergé took it over. After his death, the ashes of  Saint Laurents have been dispersed here too. Next to the garden, you can visit the old berber museum (which was closed during our stay). Plus, the Yves Saint Laurent museum is also nearby and is definitely worth its entrance fee.  Pret á Porter and Haute Couture creations can be visited here next to lots of accessories, jewelry and an interesting movie about the French couture designer.



Bahia Palace

Another famous sight in Marrakech that you shouldn’t miss is the Bahia Palace. It is located in the city center and therefore you might need to wait a bit before getting in. But the amazing mosaics, the patio and the garden with its fountains offers so many photo possibilities, that its’ well worth it.  By the way, most of the sights are offering different entrance fees for locals and tourists (10 vs 70 Dirham), which is totally understandable I guess (so I don’t understand all the bad reviews on TripAdvisor &Co).


Le Jardin Secret

After all the walking and lots of people around you, you might be happy to take a little break and relax. The Jardin Secret is one of the best places for this. When you enter the hidden doors of this garden, you’ll immediately feel relieved and calm. The garden offers many nice views and a cute pavilion and café as well. So sit down, breathe in and out and enjoy a cold drink here.


Maison de la Fotografie

Last but not least, this is another quiet and enjoyable sight in Marrakech. The museum shows photographs of “the old Marrakech” , which are really impressive and give a good overview about the history of the region. After strolling through the different rooms, you might enjoy a light lunch or some drinks on their rooftop. The view is amazing and it’s the perfect place to make plans for the rest of your day.


Atlas mountains

In the streets of the old town, you’ll find lots of offerings for tours in and around Marrakech. We spontaneously decided to do a tour of the Atlas mountains to see more of the landscape and Berber culture.  Of course you can also find online for specific tours – there are several including desert tours and quads and so on. So we were picked up by a minivan and drove south to the Ourika valley. Our tour also included a hike to the waterfalls which was prtty spectacular as it started raining and got quite slippery. But nevertheless it was such a great experience to get out of the city and see some nature of Morocco. Next time I’d definitely want to try a desert tour and meet some camels. 😉


Spa & Hammam

Not really a sight nor a tour but definitely something that you should try in Marrakech: traditional Hammam!  This includes the traditional black soap scrub and relaxing on a hot stone and – if you like – a massage too. You will feel re-born after this experience!  There are several hotels and spa’s offering this Hammam, I can recommend  La Sultana, where you can read more about here.



Black Chich

We ran into this spot more by accident but so good that we did!! The Black Chich is a restaurant and café across three floors including a spacious rooftop. The setting is so stylish and cool and the staff were so polite – we really loved it here! They offer traditional Moroccan dishes with a Senegalese touch. We tried some of their sandwiches and also ordered the (amazing!) fries and a traditional dish named  “Rfissa”, which contains tender chicken, lentils and Moroccan crepes in a Tajine. So this is definitely one of my secret best places to go!



Not so secret, as it can probably found in almost every guide. 😉 The Nomad is pretty popular which is probably due to their stylish interior and rooftop. The view is pretty good too so that you’ll definitely like to chill here for a while. My Mezze plate though wasn’t that surprising, actually a bit disappointing comparing their prices to other places. But my mum took the lamb burger which was fabulous and our spiced coffees were pretty great too. So I guess I just made the wrong decision for my meal. 😉


Bakchic Café

Only five minutes from the Djeema square lies this little secret spot. It offers all kinds of Tajines and traditional meals for a spectacular low price. Also, don’t forget to order the  amazing mint tea, which is a must in almost any place anyways. 😉 Their interior is pretty colorful too and shows some influences from other African countries. Definitely a place to fill up on calories and relax.

So I hope you liked this Marrakech Travel Guide and it would help you for your travel? If you have any questions or some other recommendations – feel free to comment! ♥