After this citytrip, Rome became one of our favourite places in Europe. There is just so much sightseeing to do, lots of historical buildings, the vatican, culture & art around every corner- and not to forget that delicious pasta and tons of gelato!! 😉

A useful tip if you go for the typical touristy places like Vatican city, Forum Romanum, Colloseum etc.: always check online if you can already book your tickets. This saved us a lot of time and nerves, because you might wait hours in the waiting line at the vatican museums to get into the Sixtine chapel etc.

One of the best parts of our rome trip was the trip to Villa Borghese- taking a rowing boat and relax on the pond in the middle of that beautiful park.

For restaurants and nice cafès check the Monti district- there are lots of cute places to eat and relax. Also the jewish „Ghetto“ is a beautiful neighborhood to discover places by yourself- you wont find too many tourists around here 🙂

Make sure to go to Don Nino for the best Cannoli with ricotta ice ceam- it was totally my favourite dessert 🙂



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