Hey guys, finally I am sharing with you my second part of the travel diary from my little trip to Mallorca. And I’ll promise you – Mallorca is nothing like what you expected!

The Island & Cala Bona

I think there is a bigger understanding now, that Mallorca is not only “ballermann” and partying. The island has a lot of beautiful corners and small villages with extraordinary beaches. So we stayed at the eastern part of the island in Cala Bona. This little city is just next to Cala Millor (which is far more touristic, especially tourists from the UK and germany come here). So I’ll advise you to stay in the more relaxed Cala Bona just next to it, to avoid those touristic crowds. Only the beach is better in Cala Millor to be honest- but if you are planning to rent a car, you’ll go to different beaches anyways. 🙂

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The Beaches

Like I said, if you are staying in Cala Bona, I would recommend to you to go to Cala Millor for your beach day. Apart from that, you’ll find lots of nice beaches around the coast of mallorca. We drove to the south of the island and went swimming in Cala D’Or, which has really turquoise water. Another beautiful beach is es Calo d’es moro, which also lies in the south.

But I’m sure there are dozens of other ones which are worth a visit, if you shouldn’t be in the southern party of mallorca. Its totally worth the effort, if you search for more lonely beaches.


Our Hotel

We stayed in the “Hotel Catalonia del Mar” in Cala Bona. The hotel itself is an adult hotel, so you can only book a room if you’re over 18 years old. Sounds a bit harsh, but if you are looking forward to some quiet and relaxing days (without loud teenagers or party groups), this is your place. The time we were visiting, there were mostly older people, so it really is a peaceful hotel for people who search relaxation. If you need party or entertainment, this isn’t the right place. 😉 The setting of the hotel is simple but still in a lovely clean design with lots of white and maritime details.

Best part of the hotel is in my opinion the beautiful pool with palms, sunloungers and canopy beds.

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If you have any questions left or are searching for some specific tipps, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments. 🙂