Hey loves, while this post is being published, I’m hopefully strolling through London with my Love (and celebrating my birthday a bit J). Therefore, this weekly review is a bit different than my usual way of writing it. And actually, last week practically flew by while I was rotating from the office to the hospital to sleep. That’s why I decided to do a little throwback and have a look at my last travels to London. Actually, I have been to London multiple times and even worked there for some months. Consequently, London always feels a bit like another home town (as I don’t really feel like a tourist). But this time, I’ll show around my boyfriend a bit, so probably we will do some touristy stuff anyways. 😉



Another point is my upcoming birthday or –by the time that this is published – it is probably taking place today. So I allowed myself to indulge a bit and create a dreamy wish list. And like I said – it’s a wish list, so don’t think that I will buy everything or get everything that is on there (of course not! Lol). I just went a bit overboard with my love for designer handbags and couldn’t decide what to wish for next. But – as superficial as fashion bloggers may seem – I will never forget that my biggest treasures in life are my family and friends and health. ♥ So don’t take this list too serious, ok? 😉


So anyways, we will stay here in London until Monday night (gladly, we took tuesday off though to relax back in Berlin). Don’t forget to follow along on my Instagram and Instagram Stories for all the London fun.

Have a great week babes! ♥

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