Weekly Review December #1

Only 13 days are left until Christmas! Wow, so now that you are (hopefully) as shocked as I am, we must admit that this year is soon coming to an end. Therefore, the last week was full of christmas celebrations and events. Already on Sunday, we had the first festive duck lunch of the year. Wait-lunch? Yes, exactly, because usually we wanted to go for brunch on Sunday right after sports. But as we saw the menu of the restaurant, we just couldn’t resist but order duck and turkey. 🙂 haha.
On Tuesday, I have been invited to the Stella & Dot event here in Berlin, which was very festive too. With christmas cocktails, delicious cookies and lots of glittery jewelry the event was spreading lots of Christmassy vibes. And probably you will see the pretty jewelry pieces that I picked very soon here too… .
Also thursday was quite festive, as the Christmas party of my company took place. Well, always interesting if you see your colleagues having a drink or two too much.. . 😉 Consequently, Friday was for relaxation and my mum and me went to the wellness spa. Especially during christms season its easy to get stressed out by all the events and To Do’s so we decided to take a little break and enjoy some wellness. Also on Saturday we finally listened to the Michael Bublé Christmas album and baked some yummy christmas cookies. And last but not least we bought our christmas tree and already put it up. Plus, we made use of our museums pass again and went to the Pergamon museum here in Berlin.



  • Last week I invited you for a cozy evening into our livingroom. With lots of delicious food and the perfect christmas movies. Which one is your favorite? 
  • Also, I showed you my first Xmas look with red checkered pants. Why I’ve been on a hunt from Barcelona to Berlin? Find it out here.


Shopping Favorites

Last week I already shared with you my wishlist for Christmas. So apartt from those things and moments that I’m wishing for for Xmas, of course there needs to be a festive outfit too. So I can’t yet decide if I will go for the traditional red dress look or if I should buy a sparkling skirt or pants for a change. What do you think?

Upcoming Plans

Upcoming week is pretty busy again as I have after-work plans already for every day. Cant believe how fast time is running and organizing all the To do’s and seeing friends and family is not that easy sometimes. But at the beginning of the week I will see some of my loved ones and hopefully we will make it to the christmas market since more. I just haven’t had enough gingerbread and mulled wine and sparkling lights so far. 🙂
And on Thursday, I’ll be off to London to visit a lovely friend of mine. I can’t wait to see London in its pre-christmas-glory. All the festive decoration and lights and the nice shop windows at Harrod’s. So of course if you have any christmas tips for London – just let me know? ♥


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