Hey babes, I hope you had a great start into the new year and an amazing first week? Also in 2018, I would like to keep the tradition of my weekly reviews. And therefore, I’m also interested in feedback from your side, what do you like/ don’t like about the reviews or if you miss anything? So please let me know your thoughts in the comments. 🙂
We celebrated New Year’s this time at our friends home, with some delicious Raclette in a very relaxed atmosphere. That’s why we were pretty fit on the 1st of january and got to clean up our apartment and most of all: get rid off the christmas decoration and our tree. 😉

Apart from that, I needed to go back to work on the 2nd of january. But this time, I joined a new team and now doing a different job (same company though). So also in this topic I would like to know: if you’re interested in any work-related topics? As some of you were asking on Instagram what kind of job I do/ what the usual dress code is etc. Would you be interested in such kind of posts?   So in conclusion, my first week at work was quite busy and interesting so that I was pretty tired every evening and just fell into bed… . 😉


That’s why I decided to keep the weekend relaxed with lots of sleep, free time and food. So on friday I went with the girls to an amazing asian restaurant here in Berlin called  Sticks’n’Sushi. I think it has more branches in different cities and we were pretty overwhelmed by the huge menu – so many delicious options! And on saturday, my boyfriend and I kept our tradition of going to the gym together and afterwards for brunch (see pic below, the café is named“Never Ending Love Story”). Apart from that, our sunday was pretty relaxed and I spent my time with the blog and some netflix. With the new job, it is pretty difficult to manage the blog from monday to friday, so that I’ll need to re-schedule my blogging time a bit. But let’s see how that turns out. Also, my parents came over so that we celebrated New Year’s a bit again. 🙂


Shopping Favorites

Some days ago I showed you my favorite winter sale pieces and I guess I will update this list and add more, as sale and discounts continue. So here are some of my current orders and items that have been added to the wishlist:

Upcoming Plans

The upcoming week will be busy with work again. I’m still adapting to my nw routine so I won’t plan too much during the week to be honest. But apart from that, the first invitations and events are coming for Berlin Fashion Week which starts on the 15th of January. 15. Januar ein. So let me know if someone from you is joining the fashion week here? And last but not least, I can’t wait to plan and book more travels and trips for 2018, we definitely need to make some plans soon.

So have a fabulous second week of january & Happy Monday! ♥


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