Hey babes, we’re now in the mid of july and still there is no summer in sight here in Berlin. But I won’t complain anymore because – well let’s just focus on the good things right?! (But maybe, I mean just mayyyybeee we are shortly before booking our big summer holidays and so I am sure that the greek sun will shine for us soon. 😛 ) Last week was pretty busy in terms of the office but also organizing some family stuff and well – just getting things done. But I was also pretty busy with the blog as there was lots of material regarding Berlin Fashion Week. As much as fashion weeks are fun for me, as much it means that there are lots of mails and projects, that are left behind. So I am still catching up with some blog cooperations, mails and projects and of course – more writing and photo editing of the fashion week stuff but also my London guide will be published soon!


  • My whole recap about Berlin Fashion Week – including lots of designer robes (to crave for), some insights behind the scnes (to talk about) and some sentimental thoughts (to think and maybe cry about).
  • Also, my first outfit for the Fashion Week went online – with some serious Blazer-Love, which is by the way finally back in stock!
  • Check the outfitpost here.Lastly, I was more than happy to be named as one of “15 German Fashion Bloggers, that you remember”. 🙂 I mean – wow! What an honour, please take some time and  read the post by blogfoster here.



To be honest, I am a bit tired at the moment and powerless. That’s why I will most probably take a little break or let’s call it the fancy way –  a Digital detox. It won’t last too long I think as I am just too addicted to social media and my little blog baby. But until the end of the week, it’ll be a bit calm here on Style Appetite. So I’m wishing you a great week, have some time off too and always remember that social media is not real life – so go outside and enjoy your day. 🙂

Anyways, let’s stay connected on Instagram and Insta Stories so that you can see when my digital detox ends. Happy Monday! ♥


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