Hey Loves,  time for another weekly review even though i can hardly believe that it is already end of june. So last week was pretty calm to be honest – I have a feeling that Berlin is taking it easy before the Fashion week starts at the 4th of July. 😉 Apart from that, the weather feels like April these days. One day we are facing 30 degrees and tropical heat and the other day a heavy thunderstorm scares us. So probably we should book our holidays earlier that we planned lol. 🙂 So you can guess why my outfit below looks more like spring or autumn now right?! Nevertheless, I was more than happy to finally wear my Adidas Iniki – seriously my favorite new sneakers! They are so comfy and I love the colorway (which is a Footlocker Exclusive by the way). Anyways, weekend was also quite calm as I was busy with going to the hospital but also getting enough sleep – not too exciting right?! But we also need weeks like this…so let’s see how the upcoming week turns out. 🙂


Summer Sales just started at Asos, Mango, Zara, H&M and many more big retailers. To be honest, I am not a big fan of browsing through endless pages of summer sales – if I want to shop something at the Sales, I need to know what exactly I’m looking for. 😉 Is it the same for you? Anyways, of course I put some new items on my wishlist. Mostly summer styles, casual dresses and some cute accessoires like the bandana scarfes, that I’m a bit addicted to.


Well, this is more a random category as I felt like sharing of my thoughts right now with you. Right now, lots of things are going on in my life which is why I’m (over-)thinking a lot. When lots of changes are taking place and life gets a bit upside down, I feel like holding on to my friends and family. And also, I explore happiness and beauty in the smallest things…
…like watching the sunset at the hospital.
…getting a big bunch of fresh flowers from my aunt’s meadow.
…the memory of a warm summer rain last year, where we danced all together outside. ♥
Maybe I’m being a bit cryptic right now, but what I want to tell you: there are so many things, that don’t matter. Of course, I get annoyed at some things too…but the longer I’m thinking about it, the more I know that there are so many things that do not matter at all. So take life a bit easier and try to be positive as much as possible. 🙂


This week I promise that I’ll work on the next London posts: there will be new outfits and of course: a big London Guide including lots of Food, Sightseeing & “Shooting location” tips. 🙂 Also, I’m looking forward to some blogger events, as Berlin gets more busy these days due to Berlin Fashion Week (which starts the week after). Furthermore, we are still researching lots of resources for our holiday plans: right now we are thinking about Athens & the Greek islands or Thailand. Any Pro’s and Con’s from your side?! 🙂

I hope you’re having a great week – let’s stay connected on Instagram and Insta Stories, babes. And let’s hope that we can enjoy ice cream and warm temperatures very soon again.  ♥

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