Hey Loves, I hope you had a good start into march? My week was pretty good and I was so happy that finally spring arrived! Saturday was by far the best day of the week so we made the most out of it. We started with a delicious breakfast (see below) and then strolled around in Berlin. Seriously, I think we walked almost 10-15 kilometers! The sun was shining so we did not even think about it. We went for a bit of shoppingĀ but also had an icecream here and there. And in the evening we went out for delicious sushi with friends. Berlin feels so magical when the sun shienes – I cannot describe it but it just feels “different”. šŸ˜€ So you can see- I had a really nice weekend so that I feel more than eager to tackle this new week with lots of motivation.


Also, the last week has been pretty “artsy”. Why? Because we visited two exhibitions here in Berlin. So if you are in need of some inspiration – I would recommend going to “Kunstgewerbemuseum” for the “Uli Richter” exhibition. Uli Richter was a german fashion designer in the 60s until 90s and the museum shows interesting photos as well as lots of dresses and creations. Definitely worth a visit!

Moreover we went to the photography exhibition from Robert Doisneau. Probably you know his famous photo of a kissing couple in Paris? His photos are dreamy but also realistic. He said “I refuse to show the dark side of life: I do not like ugliness, it makes me physically sick… But melancholy and emotion, these may be minor values but they’re the ones that move me most of all.”

Uli Richter exhibition at Kunstgewerbemuseum Berlin

Food of the week: Brunch at Parker Bowles

As already mentioned before, we went for a really nice breakfast on Saturday. I almost forgot how good the brunch at Parker Bowles is, as we haven’t been here for a quite while. But OMG – these poached eggs were really good and so affordable (6,50ā‚¬!). But it is not only the food or the good price, also the staff here is so friendly. What an amazing start into the weekend.

Shopping Favorites


Upcoming Plans

The upcoming days will be easy-going. Just some travel preparations (for Lisbon) and meeting friends for dinner or coffee. On Thursday, I’ll visit the “Frau Toni’s Parfum” event here in Berlin, which sounds pretty interesting. Finally, for the weekend my parents will visit us. So I hope that the good weather continues so that we can see a lot in and around Berlin.

Have an amazing week,Ā Babes! ā™„ And stay updated on my Instagram and Instagram Stories.

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