Weekly Review | Mai #2

As the last weeks have been really busy, I was pretty glad that the past few days have been a bit more quiet. The beginning of the week was kind of slow so that I used most of my time after office for the blog and arranging some new posts. Somehow it always takes more time than expected to get photos and a new blogpost ready, or what do you think? On Friday, I visited the Footlocker event here in Berlin for the new BR8 Launch with the girls. But my highlight was definitely the “Carnival of the cultures” – a parade that celebrates the cultural diversity in Berlin! So if you want to visit Berlin in May, make sure to check the dates for this special event as it is just so much fun! 🙂


Exit Game – Escape Room in Berlin

Probably you already heard about exit games? Those exciting plays, where you need to solve riddles in order to escape the room or find the solution to a problem? This is exactly what we did last Sunday at Live Escape Berlin . Our task was to find Sherlock Holmes – and we were totally digging it! It is definitely a exciting game for teamplayers as you need to work together and solve mysteries with your team mates. So I would definitely recommend it for families, friends but also for colleagues as a team event.


Shopping Favorites

Even though my birthday is only next month, I’m already thinking of what I could buy myself as a present. 😉 Last year, we spent my birthday in London and had such a cool time there. As we will be staying this year in Berlin, I would like to invest in a small something. So I totally love that Gucci straw bag but then again – its definitely overpriced for a straw bag or what do you think? So probably I would like to invest in a small Prada or Miu Miu bag. Any recommendations or experiences with these brands? 🙂

Posts of the week

  • Belt bag plus Ugly Sneaker? Tja, Well, one or two years ago I would have claimed myself as crazy wearing this combo. But in today’s fashion world, is there still such a thign as Fashion No-Go’s??  Find out more in last weeks outfit post… .
  • What is a successful blogger event – and in other words, what makes them successful? This topic and more in the last Weekly Review.


Upcoming Plans

This week has a pretty nice start as weare having a public holiday on monday – yayyy! 🙂 Plus, the weather is really sunny at the moment which makes the extra day-off even better!  Apart from that, I need to get back to business – in the office and here on the blog. There are some projects which need to be photographed/ edited and so on…so I am definitely motivated to get things on line here on the blog and on Instagram. 😉 And last but not least, we are thinking of organizing our next holidays for fall this year – maybe Thailand or Bali?!

Have a lovely week, Babes and lets get things done! ♥


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