And again it’s monday – and I can’t believe that it’s already november and only a few days/ weeks are left of this year. Happily, last week was quite relaxed as we had a public holiday on tuesday here in Germany, Therefore, I also took off monday and had a nice girls day with a lovely friend. We also went to a Halloween party that evening, which was so much fun! Unfortunately, Berlin was quite busy on tuesday so the city was pretty crowded. That’s why we just took some cinnamon buns and had a netflix & chill day at home. Apart from that, the week was really quiet as I only had two days at the office. Friday we already took a day off again and went to Hamburg. The two days off at an amazing hotel were just perfect. ♥ So apart from still having a persistent cold, the weekend did us so good.



  • Oh yes, those colder days are just too inviting for long movie evenings at home. Last week we already watched the whole second season of Stranger Things (even though we promised ourselves to take our time lol). And I must say that I love this series more an more! What about you?
  • Also, we startedt watching Riverdale, which is a nice mix of Mix of Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars I would say. So the perfect series for a girls night in.
  • And after the news that House of Cards is on hold for now (probably you heard about the news around Kevin Spacey?!), we started watching Designated Survivor. But actually, it is not as exciting in teh second season. So we are still searching for antoher substitute – so if you have any recommendations?


Now that I’m well provided with cozy knit and lots of coats, I started shopping for accessoires. Berets, knit beanies, Fake-fur stolas and statement jewellery are now on my list… .


Suprisingly, the upcoming week is not as planned out as I thought. But this is quite convenient anyways, as my cold is still not gone completely. On the weekend, I’m hopefully completely fit again as we are taking a sushi course. So let’s see how good my sushi-rolling-skills really are. 😉 Apart from that, my parents will visit us so the weekend will be filled with lots of famly & friends time.

Have a great week babes & see you on Instagram and Insta Stories. ♥

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