Stilnest Squad – Berlin Edition

As I have been away for the last couple of weeks, I also did not manage to post about one of my most exciting projects so far: the launch of my very own designed phone case together with Stilnest! But letÕs start from the very beginningÉ .


Some months ago, the Stilnest team got in touch with me regarding a cooperation for their beautiful jewelry pieces. Also, IÕve been invited to some events in order to form the ÔStilnest SquadÕ which is a team of bloggers and influencers who work closely with the brand. At one of those events, they also shared their idea of having a ÔBerlin EditionÕ of phone cases that are designed by five Berliner bloggers. But at this point, they did not tell yet who they picked for this exciting collaborationÉ . 😉 ThatÕs why I was even more surprised when a few days later a mail popped up in my mailbox announcing that they would love to work with me on this project. *yayyy*

Well, and this was the starting shot to get creative and come up with ideas for the designs. Eeeehmmm wait a second Ð get creative? OMG I got so crazy about the design process, you cannot imagine. First, nothing came to my mind but after thinking of what I like most, I had too many designs in my head. So I started creating a Pinterest board with some inspirations. And after collecting lots of ideas (involving coffee, brunch, bacon and lots of other stuff hahaha), we finally went with the tropical design of ÔMonsteraÕ leaves. As you might already know by looking at some of my home / interior shots, I am quite into tropical plants and cacti right now. So we thought that this would be the perfect match plus the ideal partner in the upcoming summer days. 🙂

After picking the perfect color combination and adding a watercoloured look, I was so happy to receive the prototype of my phone case only some days later. Maybe I am not the biggest design genius on earth, but I must say that it felt quite good turning my idea into a model and finally holding it in my hands. 🙂

And then, one month ago, the Stilnest team invited us for a little party to celebrate our designs and the whole launch of the Stilnest Berlin Edition. And we had such a good time! Actually it felt quite weird at first to see myself in a video screening all over the place 😀 lol But all of the people were so nice and I was more than happy to have some of my girls there (see picture below Ð Anh, Nessi and Janine) and of course my partner in crime & photographer Vicky. ?

After having this amazing opportunity, I would like to thank the Stilnest family for such an amazing project and for being so supportive! (Because I also think that not all brands and agencies would be so understandable, if a blogger takes an unpredictable one-month-break just after launching a joint project). 🙂

If you want to find out more about the cooperation and my design Ð here you can check out the whole Stilnest Berlin Edition.

Plus, I’ve got a little goodie for you: with the code ‚BERLINEDITION20‘ you can get 20% off the whole Berlin Edition collection until next wednesday (07/06/2017).Ê ?

…and don’t forget to watch the video until the very end – I look ridiculous in the lastÊ few seconds. 😀 Lol

In cooperation with Stilnest



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