Thessaloniki – Chalkidiki VLOG

Beginning of october, we decided to try to hold on to summer just for a little bit longer. And to be more accurate: to book a lastminute trip to Chalkidiki (aka the first of the three “fingers” at the Greece peninsula). Once we landed in Thessaloniki, it took us a one hour trip by car to reach our destination. Paliouri is a very quiet little city (at least at the beginning of low season) but still has some cute restaurants, little shops and actually two beaches nearby to offer.

But most important: we came to Paliouri because of Seven Rocks Suites, which have just been opened in summer 2021. The Suites are absolutely amazingly decorated – in a neutral and minimalistic but very welcoming ambience. If you want to see more about the Suites, definitely tune in to my latest VLOG on youtube to get a full room tour. šŸ˜‰ There’s loads of space with a huge kitchen, livingroom and terrace with a plunge pool as well as the lovely bedroom with pool view. One week definitely flew by staying here … .



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