Blogger Fashion Challenge: Hoodie, Chucks & Burgundy



Well I think there is no escape in these days regarding sweatshirts and hoodies. GrabÊfive random streetstyle pics and you will see a sweatshirt or a hoodie on at least one of them. But no need to panic that we all look the same. Because there are so many styling variations when it comes to sweat. And this is what makes the trend so popular as well: you can easily dress down a look by adding some sweat. Plus, if we are really honest: what is so bad about cuddling into a big-ass sweater to get through cold days?! 😀

That’s why I was happy to hear about the Blogger Fashion Challenge by Verena from Whoismocca?. Not only because I wanted to style the hoodie in an outfit anyways. But also because I think it is a great idea to unite us bloggers and work together on a concept.Ê:-)

Chucks & Burgundy

Apropos cold days: you may think I’m crazy for wearing chucks in snow. But I can ensure you, that it wasn’t as cold as it looked like. Why? Because I am wearing sneaker socks underneath the fishnet ones. Plus, I put a very warm lambskin sole into the chucks. Perfect combo! 😉 You may remember the burgundy coat from another outfitpost where I wore it with statements sleeves here.


Burgundy Coat: About You
Hoodie Sweatshirt : H&M
Fringed Denim: Zara
Snakeskin CircleÊBag: Mango
Fishnet Socks: Asos


This post contains affiliate links. Pictures taken by Janine from Florafallue.




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