Interior | Scandi Bedroom With Neutrals, Wood & Straw

After my last interior update, which was all about our livingroom and the BouclŽ Trend, I thought it’s time to also give you a glimpse into our bedroom. Lately, we’ve upgraded it with a new bed, matress and some decoration in neutral colors including linen fabrics, straw and wood.

Bed with straw headboard & new mattress

The biggest change in our bedroom is definitely the bed. Since we moved in – more than five years ago actually – we slept in a queensize bed. And actually we were quite fine with it – until I discovered the bed of my dreams, made of oak wood and a straw headboard. So when already changing the bed, why not go for a larger one as well, right? 😉 So we turned to look for a new mattress as well which would fit the new kingsize bed.

As we haven’t been too happy with our mattress anyways, we were more than happy to find BRUNO mattresses and their concept of seven different mattress zones. And as we have been testing the new bed and mattress for over five months now believe me – we are sleeping like in heaven! The BRUNO mattress definitely convinced us. To go with the oak wood and straw, we also updated our bed linen and sheets with musselin textures and linen curtains. And last but not least, added the night stands and some decoration of course. What do you think?


Bett mit Wiener Geflecht Kopfteil | BRUNO Matratze in 1,80m | Nachttisch mit Wiener Geflecht | Musselin – Bettwaesche | Leinen Vorhaenge | Plaid | Ripple Glaeser & Karaffe | Holz Tablett


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