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Hey Loves, as IÕve been asking you on IG and here in my last post, you quoted that you would be interested to learn more about my new job and my background in general. So I guess I should start with my moving to Berlin and studying Business Administration here. As I did a dual studies program, I studied and gained practical work experience at the same time. After finishing my studies, I decided to stay with that employer at the time Ð a huge, global industry company and worked in the marketing department. But after 5 years in total, I thought that it would be time for a change. So I applied and then worked for a global player but this time in retail/ fashion business. Of course this was a huge change given the environment before. But I did enjoy the more international colleagues, travels within Europe and to Asia and different projects. But in the end, Retail was not for me. So my hat is off to those who work in shifts, deal with (difficult) customers day by day and donÕt have a full weekend off to themselves Ð it definitely a challenge for me! So I switched companies again after two years and now been working at a huge global bank. A Bank? Yes, even without a background in banking I decided to take that step but IÕm actually working in an internal position without customers, products etc. My work is usually project-oriented which I like the most as I get to see many different aspects of the company. Plus, the environment is very international (which means for example, that IÕm the only German in my team). That Ð of course Ð is also an advantage of living in Berlin as I donÕt think that itÕs the case in many more German cities.

So right now IÕm still in the phase of learning, reading, on-the-job training etcÉso you can guess that every night IÕm tired as hell and falling into bed. ;)Ê Of course I would also like to hear more about your background and what your job is? And as you can see of my job develpment so far: don’t be afraid to try something new, don’t be afraid to switch employersÊ or the whole industry. Nowadays, the job environment is much more flexible than it was 10 or 20 years ago. So make use of that and be open for new career steps.Ê?



So from day-to-day business to dress code: as you can guess, banking business asks for a specific dress code. Luckily, IÕm working in an internal position which is a bit more relaxed than the dress code for people dealing with customers. But still: we only have a casual Friday where its allowed to wear jeans. Every other day of the week, it should be formal. ThatÕs why I needed to invest in some business classics, like white shirts, knitwear and (more black 😉 ) pants. Consequently, I was more than happy when Selfnation Jeans reached out to me in order to design my very own personalized Chinos. Depending on your preferences, you’ll get to choose color and of course you enter your ownÊ body measures so that it has the perfect fit. Additionally, you can also enter your initials as a stitching as I did (see pic below) – of course I couldn’t resist doing that as I love everything personalized.

As already said, we need to follow a more formal business dress code, I decided to add a glencheck blazer and a black turtleneck. But of course it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add some color and eyecatching accessoiries. The red sock boots and leather gloves are just the right amount of color in order to not over-do it in the office 😉 So let me know which dress code you need to follow? If there is any or if you’re totally free to wear whatever you want?


Personalized Chinos: Selfnation | Blazer: Bershka | Red Sock Boots: Zara | Gloves: Mango | Turtleneck: Uniqlo | Coat: H&M



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