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Marrakech – this means crowded souqs, amazing smellsÊat theÊspice markets, narrow streetsÊwith masses of people but also little oases like chilled rooftops and calm courtyards within the riads. So when we were planning our trip, I knew that my mum and me would be very busy with sightseeing and running around the city in order to see as much as possible within four days. But we also knew, that we definitely wanted to try one of the famous traditional Hammam ceremonies. So on our third day it was time to get some rest and relax at La Sultana Marrakech!


The La Sultana in Marrakech

Only ten minutes walk from the popular Djeema square and right around the corner of Marrakesh’s biggest mosque, you will dive into a whole different world. The noise of the narrow streets of Marrakech will be immediately forgotten when you see the amazing architecture and the five inner courtyards (“riads”) of La Sultana. My favorite was definitely the one in white marble and turquoise and black details. I mean – just look at the amazing pool (pictures below)?! Apart from that, La Sultana offers different riads with different themes as well as a huge pool in the center and a spaciousÊrooftop terrace.






Hammam & Spa at the La Sultana Marrakech

After our walk through the hotel area and the different riads, we finally made our way to the Hammam and spa which is in the basement of La Sultana Marrakech. Following these steps, you will definitely dive into an oasis of tranquility. We started our spa afternoon with a bath in the whirlpool, which definitely looks like out of ‘A thousand and one nights’. Next on the programme was the traditional morrocan hammam. By scrubbing our bodies withÊthe famous black soap (that contains of olives, argan oil, olive oil and more), the skin already feels super soft. And by lying down on the hot stones, it soaks even more into the skin and boosts that impact.ÊWhile your body isÊrelaxing you can also calm down your mind asÊit is super relaxing to close the eyes and enjoy the warmth and quiet of the hammam. After rinsing off the soap, the skin feels super soft and is ready for a massage. And I can tell you: the back massage was one of the best I ever had!

Have you already experienced a traditional hammam and what is your favorite part of wellness and spa?


Thank you to La Sultana MarrakechÊfor the invite.Ê?

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