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Well, as I don’t really know how to start this… Probably you recognized that it has been quiet here on the blog for some weeks now. Sunday three weeks ago lots of things changed and from one second to the other, nothing made sense anymore. I think we all experienced situations that we thought would never happen to us, right? I always have been a family person and my loved ones are the ones that matter most to me.

Life and healthiness were the only things on my mind in the last weeks. I think we all know the situations were we struggle about our job or stress about some problems, that we think are important at that point. I am not complaining or blaming anyone, as I myself did this as well (and probably will also do it in the future again).

Right now, I am trying to find my way back into everything – my job, my blog and all other stuff. So I am not sure why I ‘m writiting this update, but as many of you asked where I’ve been, I thought that I owe you an explaination. And also, I missed you and my blog more than I expected. At first, I thought about giving up and just stop blogging. But now I know that blogging is already a part of me and also acts as a kind of escape valve for me.

Lastly, I hink I just wanted to make us all remember that there are so many things in the world, that we stress about. But in the end, the things that matter most to us are our loved ones and healthiness. ?


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