Lockdown Boredom Or: The Perfect Retro Suit

Bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. Lockdown 3.0 hit me with a slam and even the most postive thinking part in my head was slowly getting crazy. The times of baking banana breads, meditation and home workouts were definitely over – or still just not motivating me anymore. Lockdown boredom in perfection I’d say.

But what does help me these days is probably my former teenager-self worst nightmare: long walks outside, fresh air and nature. (Oh so boring – I know.) The only problem here: Berlin winters are definitely not the picture perfect snow paradise kind of winters. The are rainy and moody and grey. What is needed in these days: a change of scenery! That meant literally a new wall color in lockdown 1.0 and 2.0 for our kitchen and our livingroom. Moreover, our office is now kind of a photo sudio with giant tripod and backdrops and anything else you could think of. So: time to suit up and show you this perfect navy retro suit. Until next time, when I can hopefully wear it outside for a fancy dinner invite. So tell me: what’s your secret weapon to fight the lockdown boredom?


Uterquee navy Retro Suit & lime coloured shirt & statement golden chain necklace


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