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Oh my, aren’t these colorful houses the secret highlight of this outfit post? We stumbled upon them in our neighborhood and of course I couldn’t resist but take some pictures here. And this is where the idea came to my mind: I’ll put all of the shooting locations that we discovered in London in a separate post and spill those secrets! Probably, lots of bloggers and instagrammers will hate me for that (the fight for beautiful shoting locations is serious! #firstworldproblems lol) but why not share the knowledge and support each other instead of tearing down right?! So you can look forward to a big London Guide veryyyy soon!


Last year, I was already crazy about Superga’s but in the end, I just couldn’t dedice which colorway and so the decision has never been made. But only some weeks ago, when I found this espadrilles-like model, I knew that it was love at first sight. So the hunt began and it took me quite some time to find out that the model is named Cotropew and not as easy to get as I thought. But finally, the package arrived just days before our London trip. And I was more than happy, that they are actually as comfortable as they look like – which is an important point for a ctry trip right?! Plus, they add some extra 4 centimetres which is the perfect amount as well for outfirts with skirts and dresses. As the look is quite simple relating to the all denim, I added some of my favorte accessories at the moment: bandana scarves and hoop earrings.



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