Mallorca | Hotel Recommendation & Holiday Outfits

Hey Loves, today IÕll finally let out the secret where we stayed during our Majorca trip. Also, I want to share with you some random holiday outfits and what I packed for our trip. So letÕs start from the very beginning: my boyfriend and I wanted to book some holidays. As we almost had two weeks for going away, we thought of traveling to Asia or somewhere else far away. But as September is not really the best time for Thailand or Bali, we finally came to the conclusion to travel within Europe. I have been to Majorca already several times, so this was not our first choice but somehow we ended up there.

ThatÕs where the millions of hotels appeared: there are just sooo many on that small island! To be honest, we were going crazy. My boyfriend is pretty obsessed with online reviews so I just gave him the hotel names I was interested in and he ÒstalkedÓ all of them on TripAdvisor,, HolidayCheck and all those other platforms that exist. You can imagine, that at this point, the chaos was perfect. 😀

After more and more of our favorite hotels on the list were fully booked, we knew that we needed to book very soon. ThatÕs where I found a total ÒnewbieÓ for our list, as this hotel was freshly renovated and re-opened and didnÕt have that many new reviews (and the old ones were not that good anymore). But the new reviews were absolutely amazing and by looking at the hotel homepage, we decided that we will give it a shot and try it out.

Mallorca | Hotel Recommendation

Consequently, we booked ten nights at the Inturotel Cala Esmeralda. (At this point I just want to tell you again, that this is not a sponsored post 😉 ). This Ôadults onlyÕ hotel in Mallorca is located in Cala DÕor just next to the beautiful bay of Cala Esmeralda. Having quite high expectations, we already were more than impressed by the interior whilst checking in at the reception. Also the hotel rooms are really Êstylish with Scandinavian furniture and some pretty retro influences. Also, the view from our room was fantastic: each morning we woke up with a direct view of the sun rising over the sea.

And even more important: the food at the hotel was so delicious and diverse! Usually we are not into booking ÒhalfboardÓÊ but this time we made an exception, as we were looking for a carefree, easy-going holidays and didnÕt want to worry about a thing. ÊSo from fresh fish over homemade sushi, different kinds of meat, a huge salad buffet and of course mallorquin dishes and a variety of deserts. But my favorite were for sure the fresh Gamba (king prawns), homemade Paella and the lamb with peach chutney. So you can tell: we tried lots of different dishes and everything was sooo good!

So I donÕt want to talk endlessly about the hotel, just have a look at the below pictures and if you have any questions, IÕm more than happy to answer them. :-)Ê As I already said, we are quite perfectionist when it comes to hotels. So I can definitely say that the Inturotel Cala Esmeralda has become one of our favorite hotels, together with this one on Gran Canaria I told you about before.

ThatÕs why I would also like to know from you: what was the best hotel you ever stayed in?

….and last but not least:

Summer Holiday Looks

I know, I know: it’s pretty unfair to show you all these summery look when it is already autumn and only 10 degrees outside. But maybe you’re planning a (late-) summer holiday yourself? Or you can just see it as a last “Goodbye” to summer, before the first autumn looks will finally arrive here in Style Appetite. So let’s enjoy one last time bikinis, airy dresses and shoes without socks – yayy!Ê 🙂








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