Personal Update | Sabbatical & Plans For 2020

With the new year already being almost a month old, this post is definitely not about New Year’s resolutions. But you probably noticed that in the past few weeks, it has been a bit more quiet here on Style Appetite. And while I’m not a fan of big announcements or resolutions, I do want to share with you some plans for the upcoming months as there are some changes indeed… . 

Personal Update | Sabbatical & plans for 2020

January was actually full of organizational stuff, as I’m planning my first Fashion Week in Copenhagen. But that’s not the only big news. Most of the organizational part is about the two-months- sabbatical that my partner and me are taking starting from February. Our plan is to travel through South East Asia and maybe -along the way- also organize our professional lifes (aka our jobs) on a new level. With rising dissatisfaction, we thought it’s the best to take some time off and to think about what comes potentially next.

Maybe you remember my personal update from last year, where I announced that I’ll be working only four days a week in my office job. Well, this definitely helped me along my way of finding a balance between job, blog and personal life. But still I can’t say that I’m happy with this system which is why I also want to take time during our sabbatical to find new ways of working and maybe even new fields of interest of mine. 

Probably it’s a journey that a lot of end-twenties are taking as we experienced different jobs, different working environments and trying to find out what we really want to achieve in our life. So well – that’s not really a defined plan but I hope that 2020 will bring me some clarification on what I want and also: what is good for me.   With rising workload in my office job and the blog plus personal commitments, I sometimes tend to overestimate my power. So the new year will be as well about self-reflection and -care.

But for now: I’m off to Copenhagen Fashion Week and then Asia! Talk to you soon.


I’m wearing: H&M peacock coat | Furla Diva bag

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