Raus Cabin Getaway Around Berlin And Hamburg

In the past week, there was a special little getaway together with RAUS. The cabins are the perfect opportunity to escape the big city stress of Berlin and Hamburg for a relaxed break. Said and done. Packed our weekender and provisions, and after about two hours’ drive from Berlin, we ended up somewhere in Saxony-Anhalt in our sweet little RAUS Cabin “River View”.

The cabins are equipped with everything you need for a relaxed getaway: kitchen, shower, bathroom, and above all: the coziest bed with the most beautiful view of the great outdoors. Thanks to solar power, water treatment, and a wood-burning stove, there’s also plenty of comfort. Our highlight, however, was definitely the sweet little terrace, which could be used even in slightly cooler temperatures, thanks to the sunshine.

A few glasses of wine, many great conversations, and definitely not enough time to tackle all the books I brought or the reading material on site. There’s WiFi available, of course, but during our relaxed walks in the fresh air or while daydreaming with a view from the RAUS bed, my ambitious plans to tackle some emails or to-dos suddenly seemed very distant… đŸ˜‰ And so, the two nights in our cabin flew by, and I already know: it won’t be the last time we’ve been there!

Thank you to RAUS for the invitation. This review is independent of the press invitation and represents my own opinion.

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