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A little Getaway from everyday life. A weekend break to hang loose, think about nothing and get new inspiration. While this was exactly what we were needing, the invitation from ÒAutostadtÓ Wolfsburg was just perfect timing. So last weekend we packed our bags and just a short train ride, took our quarters at the Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg. Even though Wolfsburg is only a one-hour-ride from Berlin, I never thought of visiting (why???). Which is why I definitely want to recommend visiting, if you should be in the area in or around Berlin. 🙂


Ritz Carlton Hotel Wolfsburg

The first thing that I recognized, entering the hallway of the Ritz Carlton in Wolfsburg was the overwhelming friendly and supportive hotel staff. We were promptly checked in and told that our room will be on the Ritz Carlton Club Level, which is lovingly called Òthe hotel within the hotelÓ. And it definitely lives up to itÕs name: the club level includes a spacious lounge including chimney and magazines and books to read as well as an inviting restaurant for breakfast and snacks around the clock. Apart from that, the whole level exudes a relaxing and quiet atmosphere but there is always hotel staff reachable in case of any questions or wishes. ÊArriving late-afternoon, we were more than happy about snacking some cheese, fresh fruit and cake before we entered our room. Also, during our entire trip we were more than happy about the amenities of the RC Club lounge and came back for short breaks and even enjoyed Êa small dinner including the most perfect beef filet.


Rooms and hotel amenities

As we arrived in our room, we were more than astonished by the incredible view of the ÒAutostadtÓ and adjoining docks. The industrial scenery goes back to the manufacturing of the first Volkswagen cars in Wolfsburg and definitely is a unique view that I never saw before! Also, the Ritz Carlton has been fully modernized and impresses with design-oriented but comfortable interior. The large-scale rooms leave nothing to be desired. A friend, who is working in the travel industry, was telling me before that the Ritz Carlton is famous for the Òmost comfortable bedsÓ. And I can tell you Ð that statement is definitely true! 😉 Apart from the super-comfy kingsize beds, my favorite area was the bathroom which included both rain shower and bath tub plus the most-perfect light that I ever had in a hotel bathroom.


Fitness, Spa & pool area

But itÕs not only the hotel rooms which were perfectly designed down to the smallest detail. The fitness and spa area of the hotel offers an incredible view of the docks and I canÕt say that I ever had a nicer view while working out! 🙂 Also my boyfriend, who can be quite demanding regarding his fitness routine, didnÕt miss a thing here and came back daily for his training. Fresh towels, water bottles and fruits are offered in the whole area so that the only thing someone needs to think about is the own training and whether one should go to the sauna afterwards. 🙂 Next to the fitness and sauna area, the pool of the Ritz Carlton integrates into the basin of the docks and therefore can be almost described as infinity-pool! And with a temperature of 29 degrees, no one needs to worry about whether the weather is good enough to take a swim. 😉



Autostadt Wolfsburg

As were reaching Wolfsburg and the ãAutostadtÒ on Friday, I couldnÕt help myself but think of the world exhibition ÒExpoÓ in Hanover or a congress centrum that I saw in Tokyo some years ago. Why? Because the place was so thoughtfully designed and arranged, with lots of beautiful gardens, flowers and waterways in-between. And I was even more surprised, when we found out that the whole complex has been built within only two years! Back in 2000, the ÒAutostadtÓ opened first its door and since then, millions of people came to visit. My personal favorite was definitely the pavilion of Porsche (with the modern concrete design in the pics below) and the so-called Òscent tunnelÓ (german ÒDufttunnelÓ), that hosts hundreds of blossoming plants and therefore definitely lives up to its name of aromatic scents.


The history of the Autostadt / Volkswagen

On Saturday we got the chance to take part in a guided tour around the history of the ãAutostadtÒ, Volkswagen and in general the car industry. And even though IÕm not Êan expert when it comes to cars and mostly take public transports here in Berlin Ð I was more than astonished by all the insights we got to know. Apart from VW many other brands belong to the VW group e.g. Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati, Porsche and more. The different brand present themselves in pavilions throughout the whole area of the ÒAutostadtÓ. Moreover, we also took a ride in the two car towers, were clients can pick up their new cars almost directly from the manufacture. And in case that the below picture looks familiar to you: Tom Cruise did an action scene in one of the Mission Impossible movies in a similar car park, that was designed after these towers in Wolfsburg! 🙂



Movimentos festival

Last on our list was the Dance company DCA DecouflŽ as a part of the ongoing festival weeks called ÒMovimentosÓ which takes place every year. ÊDuring these weeks, lots of concerts, ballet and dance performances & events take place with the special location of the old powerhouse of the Volkswagen manufacture. We found the DCA company to be the perfect mixture of ballet, singing, dancing and acrobatics! So definitely worth a visit and the festival still goes on until the 6th of May in case you want to visit spontaneously! 😉

And now please tell me Ð has there ever been a trip that totally surprised you in a good way? And what is your favorite part of todayÕs post about Wolfsburg?


In lovingly cooperation with the ãAutostadtÒ & the Ritz Carlton Hotel Wolfsburg, which I want to thank again for the perfect stay! ?
This collaboration has not affected my free opinion and I only enter into cooperations, that IÕm 100% committed to.

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