Ski Trip to Austria – Winter Fashion and VLOG

Finally, amidst the snow-covered slopes – after several years of absence, I embarked on a journey to Austria, rekindling my passion for skiing, snowboarding, and all activities related to winter sports. On a quite spontaneous decision, we drove down to the picturesque Kleinwalsertal in Austria. For an entire week, I found myself immersed in a winter wonderland. I must admit, I had forgotten the sheer delight that snow brings, especially when accompanied by the warm embrace of the sun.

I thoroughly loved the variety of wintersports as we went for snowy hikes, cross country skiing as well as snowboarding. Not to forget the amazing bubble baths in the jacuzzi and the sauna in the evening – the perfect relaxation after a day spent outdoors. We spent our nights at these lovely apartments, but you can also find cute hotels in the are such as this one where we had a lvoely dinner or this one.

Discover more about the amazing landscape and the pristine beauty of Kleinwalsertal in my latest YouTube vlog:

Additionally, I was super happy dusting off my ski gear and functional attire. Yet, I didn’t forsake style; I curated winter outfits with fashionable accessories, adding a touch of flair to the snowy expanse. Explore all the details of my outfits below.

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