Weekend Getaway | Bergen, Norway

Weekend Getaway | Bergen, Norway

This year has been quite turbulent with regards to my travelling and trips and there is still more to come. But aÊ more than welcome and very relaxed weekend getaway was our last trip to Bergen in Norway. I’ve never been to Norway until then and was quite worried about temperatures and the cold but: I can only recommend travelling to Bergen in October / during autumn season! The colors of the landscape are absolutely beautiful and the foggy atmosphere makes it even more cosy and romantic.

Norway during Autumn season

We booked an Airbnb apartment that was perfectly located and just a short 15 minutes drive outside of Bergen. The region south of Bergen (“Fyllingsdalen”) and its lakes was super photogenic and absolutely beautiful with the autumn leaves. But of course, you should always be prepared for some rain. That’s why I can only recommend booking an apartment with a chimney and maybe even a Jacuzzi. 😉

But even with some light rain, a long walk in the cold and crisp autumn air can be quite satisfying too. If you’re brave, you can even dip into the lake or go for longer hikes up into the hills. Also, if you’re thinking of travelling around in Norway, you should definitely check the prices for renting a car as they tend to be super reasonable and for example much cheaper than taking a cab from/to the airport.

Explore Bergen

On our departure day we made sure that we have enough time to explore Bergen a bit more. As Norway’s second- largest city in Norway and quite popular for its colorful wooden houses (“Bryggen”). So definitely don’t miss to visit this famous landmark along with a hearty fish soup (for example at “Bryggeloftet & Stuene restaurant”).ÊOf course, there is a fish market as well that offers lots of fresh fish – unfortunately it wasn’t that huge on Sundays.

Apart from that, Bergen has many different museums if you’re more into culture and art. We decided to spend the day outside with lots of walking, enjoying the sun and testing local specialties. 😉 Brunost is for example a Norwegian specialty and describes a caramelized cheese; the taste is quite interesting but I liked it. Bergen also has many cute cafŽs with good coffee and amazing pastries (“Kanelbolle” is the norwegian way of cinnamon rolls and super delicious).

And if you’re thrilled now and want to find more information about Norway: checkout my girl The Van Taste who did a road trip throughout the whole country.

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