Weekly Review | New Blog Design & Winter In Berlin

Hey loves, welcome back to a new Weekly Review and if you may have noticed: a new blog design as well! Last friday I just felt the sudden urge to finally realize what was in my head for quite a while now. After three years, Style Appetite finally has a new blog layout and I can’t wait to hear what you think? The friday was definitely productive and I couldn’t be happier about this change – maybe because of a Ê“New Job& Blog Routine” as well. So especially when you checkout the new blog layout via desktop computer, it looks much more organized now. And I like the personal touch with the neutrals.Ê

So apart from the new re-launch here on the blog, the weekend was quite relaxing. We finally had some snow here in Berlin and of course we needed to take some photos. But unfortunately it wasn’t that much and it didn’t stay for long. (And I just can’t get over the fact that right now my whole Instagram feed seems to be on vacation either on the Maledives or in cape town, right?! lol).

Posts of the week

  • If you haven’t heard about “my little secret” and what changed since the beginning of january – check out here .
  • Insights into Berlin Fashion Week, what happened behind the scenes and more light and shadow about the fashion industry?Ê Read about it here.Ê

Shopping Favorites

Right now, I could literally buy everything from the new & other stories and H&M-Trend collections. Cute knit in ice cream colors, perfect denim pieces and cute jackets and coats and of course ankle boots – so much to look forward to when it finally gets a bit warmer… .

Upcoming Plans

Oh well right now I would like to make soooo many plans, that my head is going crazy. I could literally book so many holidays as I just want to have something to look forward to, especially in cold january and february. So let’s see if and where we can go next – I’m literally lusting over a short trip or something like that. Maybe Paris or Milan or Copenhagen or Madrid or… – I’m up for almost everything. 🙂

Have a great week babes! ?

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