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Barcelona, almost two weeks ago. Wandering along the streets, I spot the perfect pair of red checkered pants at Burberry. Of course, I do not even dare to find out the price if that designer piece. But only 200 meters after, we walk by another shop window and I canÕt believe that there is almost the same pants. But itÕs not the shop window from Burberry, but actually from H&M. So I could hardly believe my luck and immediately get in. But as it happen so often when youÕre obsessed with it: it doesnÕt go well. Not my size or sold out is the answer I get in almost every store. And just when I already gave up and thought IÕll never get them, as I never saw them before in Berlin: by entering the probably last H&M store of Barcelona, I spot the pants in my size! Superhappy, we are flying back to Berlin and I canÕt believe what IÕm seeing now: almost all shop windows are showing the same pants now too. But of course, I should have known as this is probably part of globalization! 😉 But whether in Barcelona or Berlin: IÕm still totally obsessed with these pants and can already tell, that they will be on repeat during coming winter season! 🙂

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BAG | Well a wishling list is still for wishing, right? So I guess that I can dare to dream about those lovely Gucci Bags which have been on my mind since forever. And with 27 years (oops, now you know), I guess itÕs finally time to invest in my very first designer bag. SOoof course I didnÕt put this on my wishing list, as I would like to buy it by myself. And I would definitely go for a classic model in black or red. But of course I would also never say no to a Chanel bag (even though theyÕre even more to dream about/ a bigger investment). Santa, can you hear me?? 😉

RINGS |ÊEspecially jewelry is a gift, that connects people forever in my opinion. So for some years now, I love to receive or buy myself solid gold pieces, as they will last for a lifetime. Therefore, I hope to receive maybe a delicate ring or necklace for my collection.

BOOKS | Books are a quite traditional gift that I love to make but also to receive. (In my opinion, you can never have too many books. 😉 ) So this year, IÕll be wishing for a photography book or a so-called coffee table book like this one about Chanel. Not only are the pictures so nice to look at, but Coco herself was such an inspiring women and artist.

BUSINESS CARD HOLDER |ÊIÕm already owning a lovely wallet, but especiall for smaller handbags, IÕm looking for a smaller one or a business card holder. Just the other day, I was looking at these ones from Gucci or another from Saint Laurent. Especially since IÕm carrying always business cards with me now for the blog, this would be a pretty but also useful gift.

HOME-ACCESSORIES |ÊUsually, IÕm not really a fan of functional gifts (my boyfriend can tell you a thing or two about itÉ . 😉 ).ÊÊ But a cutlery set would be a nice addition for our kitchen, as I would love to own some golden hardware. And of course, I can never get enough of coffee cups (well, also for this one: my bf could tell you a thing about that. Haha).


TIME | Well, in the danger of sounding old and like a granny now: IÕm wishing for more time. Or better said: for better used time. 🙂 Not only working on to do lists, completing tasks just because I need to do so. But to take some time for the nice things in life. Saying ÒnoÓ to things that IÕm not totally convinced about as they will waste time. And to take breaks for the things and people I care about most.

CHANGE | In the upcoming year, IÕll be working in a different team and environment, so change is already happening at my workplace. Of course, IÕll hope that this will be a positive change. And also, IÕm hoping for a positive development regarding my blog as I recognized this last year, that it became a part of me and I would love to invest more time and energy into that.

HEALTH |ÊLooking at the last months, I recognized once more that health and my loved ones are the most important to me. ItÕs with good reason that there is a saying ÒBest things in life are freeÓ. So I really do hope that my loved ones will stay / become healthy again.

So in this sense: take good care of yourselves, babes.Ê? And tell me, what are the things that youÕre wishing for this year or which of the pieces on my list would be your favorite?


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