Alava Suites Lanzarote

Our last stop on the beautiful island of was at the exquisite Alava Suites nestled in Costa Teguise. Once again, the remarkable architechture of the draws inspiration from the island’s volcanic terrain and breathtaking surroundings.

“an escape to peace and tranquillity”

Alava offers a total of six suites, each boasting its own distinct character while being fully equipped with all the amenities one might desire. The décor is tastefully minimalist yet comfortable, instantly making us feel at home upon arrival.

During our stay, we were enchanted by Suite number four, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows that overlook a private terrace adorned with black-rock gardens, olive trees, and palm trees. The beautifully crafted wooden interior, attention to detail (including a selection of captivating coffee table books), and a luxuriously comfortable bed ensured our experience was nothing short of perfection.

While officially operating as a bed and breakfast, Alava Suites offers an à la carte breakfast option, which can be savored with a view of the pool or on your own terrace. Additionally, the fully equipped kitchen makes it convenient to prepare any desired meals.

The circular pool stands out as another highlight, seamlessly integrated into the predominantly white boutique hotel design and surrounded by beautiful palm trees.

Alava Suites, akin to numerous structures on Lanzarote, bears the mark of Manrique’s influence. The native-born architect, painter, and sculptor was deeply committed to conserving the island’s innate charm and shielding it from the perils of excessive development and overtourism. Alava Suites prides itself on „an escape to peace, tranquillity and high-quality comfort“,  and it unquestionably lives up to this promise. The service is discreet yet attentive, ensuring that assistance is readily available whenever needed.

My Top 3 at Alava Suites: minimalistic design, tranquillity and the amazing pool.

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