Buenavista Country Suites Lanzarote

Nestled within the volcanic landscape of Lanzarote, amidst the scenic wine region of La Geria, Buenavista unveils its five country suites . The family-owned property  seamlessly combines Canarian architecture and minimalist design. Buenavista champions eco-conscious living, with solar panels, LED lighting, water recycling, and a commitment to plastic-free practices and the amazing feeling of

“being in the middle of nowhere.”

Upon our arrival, the feeling of being truly “in the middle of nowhere” describes it perfectly.  Through the expansive floor-to-ceiling windows, the lunar-like volcanic landscape unfolded before our eyes. Named after cardinal  directions North, South, West , East  and the fifth being the old winepress, each of the suites boasts it’s own individual character and features. One aspect they all have in common: the open architectural concept and breathtaking views.

We stayed in the Norte (North) Suite distinguished by its unique circular wooden door revealing a contemporary living space with an open kitchen. The fusion of concrete, white-washed walls and light wood adds the perfect amount of contemporary touch. 

But what caught my eye immediately: the immense round bathtub, offering surreal views of the volcanic fields. An absolutely unforgettable experience – especially during sunset, accompanied by the occasional visit from the property’s endearing dogs -– one of my favorite memories from Lanzarote!

Outdoors, a light pink, organically shaped pool and sunbeds awaited,us  – even though January limited our eagerness to take a bath. (Also on a sidenote: If there’s one drawback regarding Buenavista, it lies in the property’s accessibility. )

A true delight at Buenavista Suites unfolds each morning—simply crack open your suite door, and a magically appearing Lanzarote-produced breakfast awaits. From hot brewed coffee to fresh fruits, farm-owned eggs, yoghurt and cheeses to anything you can imagine  -the breakfast is a real treat!

Each suite features also a small yet stylish kitchen which we definitely took advantage of and prepared some tasty lunches and dinners.  Conveniently situated, Buenavista allows easy access to local sightseeing spots, complemented by the onsite owners’ warm hospitality. They gladly share insights, providing a digital map of favored restaurants, shops, and attractions. Read more about our time on Lanzarote in this blogpost.

My Top 3 for Buenavista Country Suites: The private location , the unique design, the delicious breakfast.

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