An (Instagram) Blogger Guide To Paris

Hey Babes, even though our trip to Paris is already some weeks ago, I still wanted to take the time and summarize some of our favorite places and things to do in the French capital. We definitely had such a great time, even though it was only three days we managed to squeeze in the maximum. 😉 While we usually got up around 7 or 8am, we were running around the whole day and fell to bed quite early at 11pm every night- so no, we didnÕt experience the Parisian nightlife to be honest. But this was not our aim, as we wanted to do lots of sightseeing and enjoy the city during the day. So here we go, with a list of some of my favorite places in Paris.

Palais Royal

No list would be complete without this hotspot and the typical black and white ÒColonnes de BurenÓ . One of the most asked questions about these picture were: how did you find the Palais Royal so empty or is it photoshopped? Well, I must admit my Photoshop qualities are indeed not that advanced that I could master this. 😉 So there were some lucky circumstances that led us on a sunday morning into the completely empty Palais Royal. The day before the complete area was closed, maybe due to Fashion week construction site or due to something else, we don’t know. So there were fewer people anyways open sunday checking if it was open. Moreover, we arrived quite early at around 9am which feels for French people probably like 6am on a sunday. 😉 And last but not least, the gate was closed when we arrived but the very friendly security officer let us in – so it might also be another lucky coincidence.

MusŽe Rodin

One of my absolute favorites in Paris as not only the art is breathtaking but the building itself. No wonder that Christian Dior is usually having their runway show during Paris Fashion Week here. The garden with its sculptures (from Auguste Rodin, Camille Claudel, etcÉ ) is amazing and the stairs and its characteristic hallway has been photographed probably a million times. We visited during late afternoon on a Saturday and it was not crowded at all, so we used the chance to take some outfit photos as well.

Tour Eiffel

Another no-brainer in a Paris list but maybe it helps you to find the right perspective. 😉 We didnÕt went directly to the Tour Eifel or TrocadŽro but instead walked to the opposite side of the Seine. From Pont Alexandre youÕll already have a pretty nice view of the magic tower. But my favorite streets were definitely Rue de lÕUniversitŽ and Rue de Montessuy (next to flower shop LÕHowea if you want to check Google Maps), both are right around the corner of Tour Eiffel so you have amazing views and photo opportunities.

Jardin des Tuileries

If youÕre in the area of Palais Royal, youÕll definitely want to see Jardin des Tuleries as well. The characteristic green chairs spread out in the garden and its fountains are just such a dreamy place. YouÕll definitely spend more time than expected, just because itÕs so peaceful and relaxing Ð especially in the morning hours. If you want to see more pictures, check out this outfit post at Jardin des Tuileries.

Galeries Lafayette (rooftop)

My travel companion Isa led me to this rooftop which is definitely the perfect spot for sunset and watching the Eiffel tower and itÕs light show (starting from 7pm every hour for 5 minutes). The rooftop entrance is for free as it is on top of the Galeries Lafayette – but you can also enjoy some drinks and snacks up there.

Le Marais

On the last day of our trip we visited some showrooms and galleries part of the Fashion Week. ThatÕs when I fell in love with Le Marais as well Ð which is such a cute neighborhood and has many pretty cafs and restaurants to take a break.

Notre Dame & Ile de la CitŽ

I know, the fire that happened to Notre Dame is a pity but I still wanted to add it to this list Ð just because itÕs a main sight of Paris and also the area is so fabulous too. Around Notre Dame youÕll find many cute streets and walkways with instagrammable houses and spots.

Parisian cafŽs

Paris wouldnÕt be the same charming place without its cute cafŽs and boulangeries and so on. YouÕll always find a lovely spot to have a coffee and a croissant Ð in case you need more inspiration, I blogged hereÊhere about my favorite Parisian cafŽsÊand places to eat.

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