Split Travel Guide & Plaza Marchi | Hotel Review

As I’ve told you in my latest blog post, we just had a lovely long weekend on the dalmatian coast of Croatia and to be more exact: in Split. The lovely old town of Split and the Diocletian palace, which is a world UNESCO heritage monument definitely left us speechless and we can’t wait to be back here! But one point after the other – let’s go back to how it all started.

Plaza Marchi | Hotel Review

As the reason for our visit was the wedding of our friends, we were looking for a centrally located and inviting hotel and we definitely made a good choice with Plaza Marchi.  The hotel is based above the substructure halls of the Diocletian Palace, so you can see and feel the heritage of it’s rich history basically everywhere. The four star hotel features 24 rooms and as were shown around the different room types, I would recommend room 203 or 303 as they have the perfect view of the old town and you can even spot the sea!

But each of the room types are very spacious and offer modern furniture and decoration with romantic details. As said before, the hotel is very central located with only 30 meter walk to the sea and the Diocletian palace right around the corner (which also means that there are many tourists during the summer months, but this hasn’t been a problem for us).

One of my favorite places at Plaza Marchi was definitely the roof top, which might be boiling hot around noon but offers amazing views of Split, the old town and the sea! You can even relax during a tanning session here or just watch the sunset and make plans for dinner.

Last but not least, we had the chance to visit the “sister hotels” of Plaza Marchi.  and I guess we already found a new favorite, that we definitely want to visit next time. If you want to check out the other accommodations in Split, have a look here.  The Heritage Palace Varos is just re-building new apartments and they were looking more than promising!

Split Travel Guide

Split is such a great location for a long weekend trip (and I’m surprised that we never thought about that before) as you get the perfect package of city and beach holidays. Most of the times, we started with a delicious breakfast and did some sightseeing of the Diocletian palace and the old town.

After a short siesta back at the hotel (as the heat around noon was crazy), we then packed our bags and went for the beach in the afternoon. The city beach seems to be all about partying so if your prefer a quiet spot like we do, take a 15 minutes walk to get to “Kastelet beach”.

In the evening, Split is offering many good food options and bars, so it can get a bit crowded in the narrow streets. Here’s a little list of our favorite restaurants:

  • Villa Spizza for hearty food. Here we had the perfect pasta with prawns and zucchini – and by perfect, I really mean PERFECT!
  • Bokeria was our place to go for breakfast. Whether it’s the omelette or the joghurt parfait – everything here was so tasty and perfect coffee too.
  • Zoi is the place to be for a cold glass of white wine with a nice view of the harbor and sea from the rooftop. (I’m saying that you should have drinks here as we weren’t so much convinced about the food.)  

We did miss out on taking a boat trip or driving to one of the islands just in front of the coast, so this will definitely be on our plan next time. So I guess we need to come back anyways! 😉

Hope you enjoyed this travel guide and let me know if you have already been to Split or Croatia?

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