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Hey Babes, as I already told you in my weekly review in Monday, this will be my last outfitpost before we are off to our holidays. Last Sunday the weather was much sunnier than expected. ThatÕs why I took out my (not furry) loafers out for one last time and paired them with jeans and t-shirt. The Baker Boy Hat, which I just bought the day before, was my statement piece in this look. And even though my boyfriend did not really like the hat at first Ð he compared it with Village People. 😉 But I let him know that it is trs Parisienne. So the pictures were taken with my phone as we didnÕt plan on shooting that day. ThatÕs why I decided to edit them a bit different this time Ð more retro with grainy texture. What do you think of it?


Baker Boy Hat: Pull & Bear (similar) | Blazer: H&M (similar) | Shirt: Nakd (here) | Jeans: Zara | Loafer: She In (similar)Ê| Bag: Zara (similar) | Belt: Gucci (here)


Usually I am someone who is always on the run. I cannot think of a day where I donÕt plan any activity or meeting. And even if I try to Ð after 2 or 3 hours I already feel shut in and start planning and doing stuff again. ThatÕs why the Fear of missing out (FOMO) was probably invented as it definitely describes me. 😉 So you can guess that it was really hard for me not planning anything on our holidays. We did not even book a rental car yet! So the focus is totally on relaxation. The rest will arise from the circumstances Ð we donÕt have any idea yet. Which is quite exciting for a change!Ê:-) So usually I also didnÕt plan on going on a blog break. But from the last weeks and months I know, that IÕm probably more exhausted that I want to admit and that I need a break. So even though you wonÕt hear from me here on the blog, you will most likely see something on Instagram. I cannot resist anyways Ð right?! 😉



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