Barcelona In Winter – Weekend City Guide

Barcelona in Winter – Weekend City Guide

As you might remember from some Instagram posts, we’ve been to Barcelona some days ago in November. Wait – Barcelona in November? Oh yes, at first we thought the same. But with amazing prices for flights and accommodation, we booked pretty last minute a long weekend in the catalan city. And we were more than happy about it, as there were not many tourists (usually, in summer time Barcelona gets overcrowded with them). And also, the weather was still pretty nice with temperatures between around 15 degrees and no wind or rain or whatever (in BerlinÊ it was 3 degrees and raining like crazy when we left 😉 ). So definitely make sure to visit Barcelona also during autumn or winter season!

Sightseeing in Barcelona | Top Spots

Parc Gueell

Parc Gueell is probably on the to-do list of every barcelona tourist Ð and itÕs definitely worth it! Unfortuantely, there are some ongoing renovations at the moment so that IÕve been a bit disappointed in contrast to my last visit 5 years ago. But still, the Parc designed from Gaud’ is extraordinary and always worth a visit. Plus, you can easily connect your visit with the next point Ð Bunkers el carmel.


Bunkers El Carmel

This view point has been an insider tip for a long time, but today it developed to one of the most-visited points in Barcelona. When we arrived for the sunset, the place was already crowded with lots of young people and tourists. But still: when you made it to the top (which can be quite exhausting!) the view is absolutely breathtaking and soo beautiful. So Êbring a blanket and some drinks and enjoy the view. 🙂


Sagrada Familia

Last time I visited Bracelona, the que for the Sagrada Familia was just way too long. But this time we already booked our tickets the night before our visit online which was such a good decision. When our time slot arrived, we easily made it into the church within minutes. Also, I would recommend you to take an audio guide, as the given information was really interesting and explains lots of details around.


Gothic Quarter

Probably you will walk into the gothic quarter automatically, when you take a left turn from the popular Las Ramblas. The old town of Barcelona offers lots of beautiful streets and monuments and you can easily get lost here. 😉 Also, you will find here the popular spot of Carrer del Bisbe (see picture below). If you walk through the gothic quarter, you can easily make it to the water/ La Barceloneta which is a nice walk to get to know Barcelona a bit better.



Gracia is a lovely neighborhood in Barcelona with lots of cute cafŽs, shops and restaurants. Walking around the streets here, you can easily get distracted for hours. 😉 Plus, you will find our favorite tapas restaurant here Ðsee more below.


Food in BarcelonaÊ| Brunch, Lunch Ê& Dinner Spots

Brunch & Cake

Brunch & cake can be found twice in Barcelona and is quite hyped at the moment (just check Insta for all those photos! lol). But: the hype is real! After waiting for a short time, we were more than happy to snag a table and Ð despite the really arrogant ÒdoormanÓ Ð this place was amazing! Our waitress was so helpful and kind and the food Ð OMG Ð was so delicious. I ordered the poached eggs with shrimps on a black bread with a side salad and parmesan and sweet potatoe crisps and this combo was absolute heaven! Also, the little flowerpot is holding a really tasty cheesecake which was the perfect ending for our visit here. Definitely worth waiting and the prices are absolutely fine in my opinion.



Initially, we went for Tapas one night but after the most expensive but disappointing tapas we ever had, we left the restaurant and searched for something new (still hungry). So we tried the burgers, fries and nachos at Makamaka and were more than happy that we made it here. The portions were quite big and my Nachos were sooo yummy. A great spot for having dinner with friends, especially if youÕre planning on having a drink or two at the W Hotel afterwardsÉ . 😉

La Paradeta

This one was our absolute favorite regarding fish and sea food! Expect to find lots of locals here, as this can be quite popular during lunch hours. You can pick the fish or seafood you want directly at the counter (we went for king prawns and baby calamari). Then it will get weight and you pay (an absolute fair price) for your fish and the sides and drinks that you want and receive a number. Few minutes later your number will be called for picking it up. We really loved this place as we are huge sea food lovers and it was sooo delicious!


El Nacional

This indoor market is a bit hidden in a street from the Passeig de Gracia but thze beautiful christmas lighting led us here already in November. 😉 So itÕs not a specific recommendation for food, as there are multiple stands in the hall. We had some tapas and wine but what I liked most was the beautiful setting here. So even if youÕre not hungry, just walk by and take some cute pics – one of my next outfit posts was taken here by the way, so stay tuned… . 😉


As I already told you, we really liked the quarter of Garcia where also our favorite tapas restaurant can be found. (Actually, it has been recommend to us too by a local.) You can either pick the cold tapas from the counter and have it served directly to you. Or you can also order some warm tapas from the kitchen. Both options were amazing and the prices are more than affordable! So we left the Gasterea pretty full and a bit dizzy thanks to the great read wine. 😉


W Barcelona

If youÕre looking for great cocktails with a view (maybe after your dinner at Makamaka just around the corner), then you should stop by the sky bar of the W hotel at La Barceloneta. Already during my first visit around 5 years ago we had a great night here. I would recommend taking the Passion fruit or the Watermelon Martini, which are so tasty. Even though they are a bit expensive, the drink and the view are absolutely worth it.


So I hope you liked this weekend city guide for Barcelona and also might think about coming here in winter? And of course, let me know if you have ever been hre and if I forgot any tips or recommendations? ?

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