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A Sunday in December. As we are quite exhausted, because weÕve been shopping for gifts on Saturday like crazy (like so many other people decided to do), I feel that itÕs time for a change. In fact, I really like the Christmas time, the festive decoration, the delicious food and time for friends and family. But on this Sunday, I can feel the Christmas stress crawling up on meÉ. .

ThatÕs when I decide that we need to take a break and enjoy this Sunday in advent with lots of Christmas spirit. After getting our home Christmas Ðready with lots of decoration, itÕs time for rewarding ourselves. And usually on a Sunday, we are not really in the mood for cooking. So we decided to order italian at one of our favorites: Vapiano. The seasonal menu got me right away, as they are offering Pasta al Tartufo at the moment. OMG, by now you probably already now that IÕm obsessed with truffles and that pasta is no exception! But of course we also ordered the spicy Diavolo pizza, as its one of the favorites of my boyfriend. And if you take a closer look at the pictures, you might already saw that I took the motto Always eat dessert first very serious. 😉 The Tiramisu and cheesecake just looked too delicious not to try them first. And another point that I really like about ordering at Vapiano Ðapart from the yummy food of course Ð that the ToGo boxes can be re-used and therefore are eco-friendly.

So after we indulged in lots of food and are almost experiencing a food-coma 😉 it is time for some christmas movies. And I could even convince my bf to watch ÒA WinterÕs TaleÓ. You havenÕt heard about this film? Then letÕs take a look at my favorites.



  • A WinterÕs Tale
    Well, this might not be a typical christmas movie. But the scenery and especially the magic and the wish for a wonder (in the name of love of course) definitely pour on Christmassy charme. 🙂
  • The Holiday
    Ohyes, probably at this point your bf will dramatically shake his head. So take this movie for your next girls evening and enjoy this lovely romance with Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and Jude Law. Especially the scenes in the snowy English village are so pretty!
  • Actually Love
    Ok, so this one is probably a clichŽ and makes it onto almost every list of Xmas movies. But definitely for a reason: the parallel told stories are so enjoyable without being too kitsch.
  • Bridget Jones
    Well this movie is not perfectly Christmassy and you should probably also add it for your girls night. But Bridget and her Ugly-Xmas-Sweaters might be a nice inspiration for your next family celebration. 😉
  • The Beauty and the Beast
    Christmas and Disney movies are definitely inseparable to me. So I really liked the remake of ÒThe beauty and the bestÓ with Emma Watson so it will probably make it onto our screen again. But you could also check ÒFrozenÓ or ÒThe princess and the frogÓ.

Well I think that this list could be a never-ending one. Also classics like ÒHome aloneÓ or ÒSanta ClauseÓ are getting watched every now and then. And if you are interested in one of the most-loved german Christmas movies: then you should take a look at ÒDrei Haselnuesse fuer AschenbraedelÓ. And of course let me know which movie is your absolute favorite for Christmas? ?



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