Interior Trend: Bouclé

After some months, it’s finally time again for an Interior- Update, and to be exact: the interior trend bouclé. As we are quite stuck within in our own four walls, it’s even more important to have it as inviting and cosy as possible. Therefore, I lately updated our livingroom again and invested in some new interior pieces and decorations.

One of my latest interior favourites: the bouclé trend! Bouclé is having quite a comeback, not only in fashion but even more in the interior category. The Bouclé fabric can be mostly found for sofas, chairs and poufs. Our newest bouclé piece is “Judi”, a super comfortable arm chair that is timeless and retro at the same time – especially due to the bouclé texture. And to have it even more comfortable and cosy, the matching pouf / foot rest was obviously an easy decision.
(By the way: if you’re not yet sure about the bouclé fabric, the chairs and sofas from Sofacompany can be easily designed with many different fabrics! )

Sofacompany Bouclé chair Judi in Maya cream | Bouclé pouf No.9 in Maya cream

Also new in our living room: the travertin table. Travertin is pretty hyped at the moment and to be honest: I can absolutley understand why. The light beige color just matches perfectly our color scheme. Plus, it was an absolute bargain as we found it locally second hand/ vintage. What do you think of our interior retro mix of bouclé, travertin and light beige and cream tones?

Shop the Interior: Trend Bouclé – Travertin & more

This blog post has been created in collaboration with Sofacompany. All opinions remain my own.


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