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Am I the only one who feels naked, when I leave the house without rings and ear studs?! :)Ê Ok so you can see – I am an absolute jewellery lover, which is the reason why I thought that I should show you some of my favorite pieces. Maybe you already saw that I wear mostly golden jewellery. Somehow it ended up being my favorite, but I also like to mix in a bit silver or rosŽgold from time to time. Especially when it comes to rings, I am a maniac in mixing and matching metals. I am an absolute fan of fine, delicate designs with a bit of sparkle. Plus, stacking rings differently makes it even more exciting.
Furthermore, I love to receive and give jewellery as a present. Most of my rings are also gifts from beloved ones. For example, the golden ring with a tiny diamond from my boyfriend or the bow ring from my parents. How about you – what is your favorite type of jewellery and why?


The perfect match for delicate rings? In my opinion, a minimalistic watch that emphasizes the golden details. The mesh strap and the black marble clockface are the perfect details in my opinion. But if I ever want to change up things, the best part is that I can easily exchange the strap. For example into a link strap, which is perfect for the office.

If you also fell in love with the Nicole Vienna watch as I did, then you can use “STYLEAPPETITE” for getting 15% off. And psst: there is a Valentines offer that will get you one extra strap for free. For all those, who cannot decide between the mash strap and the linked one, as me. 😉 How about you – do you have a whole collection of different watches or not even a single one?

In cooperation with Nicole Vienna Watches. All thoughts, ideas & photos are my own.Ê?


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