Foodguide | Top 5 Cafƒs & Restaurants In Hamburg

Hamburg is more than just fish sandwich & St.Pauli: In todays foodguide you will find my Top 5 favorite cafŽs and restaurants in the Hanseatic city. As I already told you in some of my weekly reviews, I have been to Hamburg in the past few months several times. Plus, you already know that I am a big breakfast & brunch lover. Consequently, the list contains lots of cafŽs where you can have a nice breakfast / brunch. But you can also find twoÊrestaurant recommendations for lunch and dinner. So let’s go!

Nord Coast Coffee Rostery

This is my absolute favorite spot for breakfast and brunch! Just around the warehouse district of hamburg,Êthe Nord Coast Coffee RosteryÊoffers amazing coffee and meals.ÊWe tried the poached eggs and their waffles. The service was really friendly and the quality of the food was amazing. The poached eggs were really delicious and everything here is so nicely decorated. Definitely a Must-Go when you’re in Hamburg! 🙂


Coa Asian Food & Drinks

My second recommendation is an absolute favorite for lunch and dinner. Coa is just in the city center and offers delicious Asian food in a charming atmosphere. The design of this place is so cool, so even if you just want to drink something, you should go inside. We tried their dumpling variations, the Pad Thai and also shared a dessert here. We were sooo full afterwards but it was just too good to not have everything. 😀


CafŽ Pauline

This cafŽ is in the middle of the so-called “Schanzenviertel” which is a moreÊurban/ hipster/ younger area in Hamburg. When you enter the CafŽ PaulineÊ, it feels like a time-capsule orÊcoming home to your Grandma’s livingroom. 😀 Everything is a bit old-fashioned here, withÊsome kitsch painting and oldÊfurniture.ÊThis immediately makes the placeÊmore cozy and moreover, the staff is super-friendly! We tried the French toast with bacon and also the Omelette – and both has been very tasteful!


Atelier F

If you are craving a break inbetween your shopping tour at Maenckebergstra§e, then this place is definitely for you! Atelier FÊhas a lot of different lunch and dinner variations,Êplus itÊoffers an idyllic place next to the “alster”. ÊWe tried different burgers here, which were pretty good but I think the fries were my favorites.


CafŽ Johanna

This place is the perfect start into your day if you want to go to the “Landungbruecken” or take a boat trip around that area. The CafŽ Johanna is a really cozy place with lots of nice options for breakfast and delicious cakes. Here you’ll also find lots of young people and hipsters enjoying a coffee and brunch together. Unfortunatley I forgot to take a picture the other day- ut I promise it is worth going there. 😉








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