Instagram Aesthetics Vs The Real Life

Instagram aesthetics vs the real life

One or two years, I would have probably not posted today’s look. Why? Because it would have seem too “normal” or too boring. There was always this voice inside my head saying that I need to create something extraordinary and special. And we all heard this prejudice that fashion bloggers need to show something super- over the top , especially when it comes to fashion weeks right?
But over the time, this attitude has completely changed. And with that, I found a way of staying true to myself and my style. So why not showing an everyday look, that I would exactly wear in my everyday life too?

But this attitude change did not only happen in the fashion cosmos, it also took over our Instagram feeds. “Back to the roots” could be the title of this new chapter that shows more and more pictures – with no filter and not staged. Where you could see perfectly orchestrated avocado toasts and accurately braided hairstyles, we know find more natural and effortlessly settings. And I need to say that I’m totally loving it! Of course I love to get inspired by perfectly curated still-lives and editorial shootings a la Vogue. But I’m also a big fan of behind the scenes, unfiltered and natural shots. And I’m just so fed up with the excessive use of filters, retouch and the pressure of keeping up with the most perfect Instagram feed.

That’s why I love to embrace the return to natural and effortless pictures, the random shot of a happy moment and also: spontaneously put together outfits like todays look. 😉

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I’m wearing: H&M trend linen blazer|Next official bamboo bagÊ| H&M ribbed top | Zara pants | CŽline sunglasses | Next official leather flats |ÊVintage broochesÊ

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