The New Transparency | Plumetis Blouse

The New Transparency

Transparency is one of those trends, that never seem to be totally absent. It keeps returning and this summer, we take it to the next level and mix & match transparent and sheer fabrics with linen, cotton and denim. The clash of different textures is definitely one of my favorites. And the brave ones of us even try colorful underwear underneath the transparent pieces… .

Plumetis blouse

‘plumetis: a fine lightweight dress fabric of cotton, wool, or rayon that is woven with raised dots or figures on a plain background producing a feathery or embroidered effect’ (source )

Combining transparency with plumetis textiles is like killing two birds with one stone: you get the best out of both worlds. While transparent fabrics offer a more seductive and sexy vibe, plumetis stands for playfulness. A match made in heaven right?!

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I’m wearing: Zara transparent Plumetis blouse | H&M culotte | Zara leather boots | Skinnydip London pearl beaded bag | Gucci sunglasses


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