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Since ages I’ve been telling you about our re-decoration of our home office and guest room. So finally today, I am more than happy to share with you some of the results and outcomes. 🙂 Since our office has been under construction for quite some time, we ordered different kinds of furniture, decoration and of course new wall paint. And as I am quite a perfectionist, I thought that I will not just share with you some pictures but also my favorite tips for the perfect home office.So let me know what you think about these, and if you also have any hacks ? ?

Home Office Hack #1 | Dare to use color!

Going back and forth, at first I couln’d decide which colorI should choose for the walls in our office. When we moved in, I painted one of the walls in a purple- lilac-tone (name was “twilight” *dont judge me* haha). But after one year now, I just couldn’t stop thinking that another color would be more suitable. So I got my Pinterest – game on and went over lots if inspiration. Finally, I knew what I wanted: a dark petrol blue/ smaragd green. My bf already told me that I was crazy putting this much effort into a room and painting again a whole wall when I did not even know whether it will turn out good. But in the end, I am more than happy with the result! So dare to use some color for your home office, especially when it is a separate room! But also when it is part of your livingroom etc: you could think about just painting a piece a piee of the wall, for example where your office desk is standing.


Home Office Hack #2 | Find the perfect office desk

While I was shopping for furniture for our home office, I couldn’t find the perfect desk. Why? Because either the colorway didn’t catch me or they were way to expensive! I just didn’t want to invest too much money, as I am not regularly working from home (apart from the blogging hours spent there). Again, Pinterest inspired me to think of an easy Do-it-yoursel for a desk. And only a week later, bf and I drove to IKEA to see if we could use some of their offers. Eventually, we decided to go for a crisp white table top in combination with scandinavian style legs. And can you believe that this whole DIY project was under 50Û ? See – sometimes it is worth it to “go that extra mile” and do things by yourself. 🙂

Home Office Hack #3 | Keep things organized (and add flowers …)

Back in the days, my office desk at my parents house was plastered with notes, photos, tickets, snacks and lots of other stuff I don’t want to remember. 😉 Today, I love to have my setting more neat and organized. and I think in general, this also helps me a lot to concentrate. That’s why I like to keep it reduced to the basics. Of course there are some decoration pieces here and there. Plus, an essential that should always be on your desk: a big water glas or even better a carafe. And lastly, I also love to put some flowers onto our office desk. I know, that’s not really a “must” but they are just the perfect addition (and they do smell good! haha).

Home Office Hack #4 | Find Inspiration in Prints & Wall Art

Last but not least, taking breaks inbetween working is important. That’s why I love to hang prints in the near of our office desk. Just looking at the world map from Desenio instantly makes me feel more relaxed and think about future journeys and bucketlists. And if you cannot decide how to combine the different prints, you can try a really useful service from Desenio to get your perfect pair of prints. Moreover are the golden frames also the perfect addition for the dark smaragd wall. Soif you’re also still searching for the perfect prints for your home, you should definitely check out Desenio. Plus, I’ve got a little Goodie for you: with the code ‘STYLEAPPETITE’Ê you can get 25% off any printsÊ (apart from the handpicked collection). This voucher code is valid from 20th til 22nd June 2017.

So what are your home office hacks for the perfect work environment? Let me know your ideas & also I’d be happy to follow your inspiration on Pinterest – just let me know your Pinterest links in the comments. ?

In lovely cooperation with Desenio.

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