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Hey Loves, June is now offically over and (hopefully) we can welcome a warm and sunny july! As there has been no monthly review in may due to lots of changes, I’m now back on track and finally back with a new monthly review.

June has been quite busy with new projects and events. In the beginning of June, we celebrated my birthday in London toegther with FG Properties London. London was so good to us, we really had the best weather we could have thought of. Plus, we had the best birthday cake and burgers ever! The post abut our apartment has already been published and can be found here. But don’t worry: there will also be a huuuuge London Travel Guide withlots of Food tips, hot spots and sightseeing and photo recommendations.


Apart from that, June has been quite miserable regarding the weather (at least here in Berlin). That’s why I took on more projects and blog post preparations. For example, we have been redecorating our home office with a completely new interior (see below and here). But to be honest, I have been most of the time with my family (as I already told you on my life update here), so that is the most important to me right now.






Actually, this is one of my favorite photo shootings that we ever did here in Berlin. I means, just look at these cute houses and pink walls – I never thought that we would have such a thing here. 😉 Check the whole outfitpost here.



One of my absolute favorite outfits in London – the red volants dress was just the perfect addition to the photogenic London backgrounds and walls and phone booths and and and… . 😉



The last look of the month was this enim look that we shot in front of some very colorful houses in London. What a pretty setting right? I wish we could have taken these walls with us… . 🙂 You can check out all the photos and the details of this look here.




TRAVEL PLANS | We are still working on our plans for our summer holidays but it seem slike that we most probably will take them in August or september. So for July there are not many plans booked at the moment. But I’ll be at the Baltic sea with my mum for a few days to rest and relax – hopefully the sun will come out and we can enjoy some beach days. 🙂

BERLIN FASHION WEEK | Oh yes Berlin Fashion Week starts this week so there will be lots of events and shows coming up. This year, I only took one day off, so I’ll try to squeeze in as much as possible in that free time. But most of all, I’m looking forward to meet some of my blogger girls and collegues, which I haven’t met in ages.

PERSONALLY | I am recognizing that my batteries are getting more empty day by day and that I’ll need to rest more. Probably, I will take some days off in July and do a “digital detox” for a few days or a week or so. The last weeks (and even months) have been pretty hard and exhausting, so right now I am noticing that I’ll need to “recharge” and collect new strength.

Thank you for reading this Monthly Favorites post & all my posts in general babes!Ê And maybe you want to tell me about your plans for July?Ê ?

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