Office Looks | How To Dress Formal In The Summer Heat






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Office Looks | How to dress formal in the summer heat

As much as I love summer and the hot temperatures Ðit still sometimes puts me in a difficult place regarding summer looks that are suitable in the office. Two years ago, when I started working in this more formal surrounding of banks (see the post about my job here), I was struggling especially in the hot summer months finding with the perfect outfit. But Ð with more routine and knowing what suits me and the office dress code Ð I think I found a good way to compromise between being stylish and yet Òfitting into the office dress codeÓ.

Today IÕm wearing one of my favorite suits at the moment as the light purple color is just something different for a change. But still, the blazer and pants combo is perfect for the office as the material is so soft and light which makes it even suitable for hot summer days. And can you spot my flats in the see through vinyl bag? So you can guess that I didnÕt wear the nude high heels all day right?! 😉

So what do you think of todays office look and about my styling tips for the formal office dress code?Ê?

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Blazers and Suits

Of course, Blazers and suits are a wardrobe staple when it comes to office looks. But Ð you should definitely try some new colors, especially as there are so many nice pastel and bold combinations out there this summer!

Office pants

Of course there are days when you donÕt need to wear a whole suit Ð so a shirt/ pants combination will be enough. Why not try some wide-leg pants or culottes for the office? Or some bold colors or patterned ones ?

Skirts Ð stylish and still chic for the office

Another staple that are Midi skirts and dresses as well as lots of suits and blazers made it into my closet.

Shirts, Blouses and Tops that fit into your office dress code

While IÕm not a big fan of the typical white button-down blouse, I often invest in more formal T-shirts and blouses made of flowing fabric with small embellishments or soft drapes.

Office Dresses Ð formal but trendy

Same as for the blouses goes also for dresses, as I usually donÕt like when they are too right to the body (at least for the office 😉 ). ThatÕs why drapes and ingenious cut and layering are a good investment as well as T-shirt-Dresses that look formal but are perfect for hot summer days.

Perfect shoes for summer office looks

While I would love to say that IÕm that women who wears high-heeled pumps every day to the office Ðwell, ÊitÕs just not me. I do love kitten heels and pumps with a maximum heel of 7 cm because letÕs be honest: long office days are no fun with heels! But, to avoid the sneaker trap in summer, IÕm more into flats, mules and sometimes ballerinas (try pointy ones or more chic ones which donÕt look too girly). Sandals can look formal as well if they have a small heel or enough fabric to cover most of your feet (I donÕt want to look like as if I wear flip flops in the office right?! 😉 ).

Bags that carry all your office stuff

While IÕm usually a fan of bringing my lunch to work (and sometimes even another pair of flat shoes or heels to change in-between), a big bag is a must for long office days. I bought a MCM shopper bag already some years ago, and that bag was definitely a great investment as it is still looking almost brandnew and there comes a small pouch with it. But IÕm also a fan of shopper bags that you will find at Zara, Mango or H&M for some variety. 😉



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