Stripes, Statement Sleeves & Chloƒ Faye


One of my favorite ongoing trends is the focus onÊsleeves.ÊEspecially in winter it offersÊusÊthe perfect way to add an eyecatcher to every outfit, even when we are covered in thickÊjackets or coats. The statement sleeves will just peek out a bitÊand add a certain twist.ÊThat’s why IÊimmediately fell in loveÊwith the cut of this shirtÊand it’s volant sleeves. As Berlin can be still quite cold these days, I just addedÊa fake fur vest and of course a coat on top.
Another trend which will be huge this year are stripes. Probably you already saw lots of pieces in the online shops? Oh yes, stripes are back and they will be in tops, blouses, dresses – basically everywhere!


Imagine this outfit without a bag, belt and boots – would be quite boring right? So like always, accessories make or break an outfit in my opinion. Adding some decent gold and black details, I’ve went for the ChloŽ Faye Bag and my all-time favorite since Christmas: my Gucci belt. And last but not least, Overknees are always a good choice on cold days where you still want to look chic but not over styled.


Striped Shirt with Statement Sleeves & Jeans: Zara
Gucci Belt
ChloŽ Faye Bag
Fake Fur Vest: H&M

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