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Hey Loves, so nowÊFebruary is officially over and the second chapter of 2017 is done. I hope you had agreat month? For me it was for sure a really busy time with lots of events, appointments and also a bit stressful. ButÊI also had aÊgreat timeÊby meetingÊnew and old friends and makingÊnew experiences.ÊSo find all the facts about Februaryand my outfits, events and plans for March here.


Fine Jewellery & Minimalistic Watches

One of my first posts in February was my jewelry edit with some of my favorite jewelry pieces and watches. It was quite a new experience for me, as we shot all of the pictures in our apartment. (Due to bad weather but also because I was aiming for a relaxed and bright atmosphere.)



As I hear about the Blogger Challenge from ‘Who is Mocca?’, I knew that I would love to participate. Not only because I love sweaters and hoodies, but also to support each other and grow together as a blogger community. Find my hoodie style with the burgundy coat here.



Shot on a grey sunday in Charlottenburg (Berlin), these pictures turned out better than I thought. or maybe it is because I love the outfit combination of Volant blouse and leather pants? Anyways, find all the details and shopping links for Volants and Patent leather here.



Last but not least, the February ended quite colorful with this striped outfit. As you already know, I am a big fan of statement sleeves. This time, I styled them with details and shopping links for Volants and Patent leather here.



Honestly, it seems like we are on the same page here!Ê The winner combines nearly all of my favorite trends right now: fishnet, volants and patent leather. Well, I guess by now you already know which post has been the most viewed one? Exactly, you loved the patent leather and volants outfit as much as I did!


WeÊhave a clear winner here this month! Somehow, this picture really went viral and has much more likes and comments than any other pictureÊon my Instagram feed! So tell me – is it your favorite as well?


The month started with a big surprise, as I told you thatÊÔStyle AppetiteÕ had been on German television! Unfortunately I did notÊknow before, but pictures of my blog have been shown in a TV Report about the comeback of the stirrup pants. In the meantime, I received the below screenshot and a short video about the report but it stillÊfeels kind of funny to know that Style Appetite has been on TV.

<img data-p3-pin-title=”WEEKLY REVIEW | FEBRUARY #1″ data-p3-pin-link=”http://styleappetite.com/en/weekly-review-februar-1/” class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-5339″ src=”https://storage.googleapis.com/stateless-styleappetite-com/2017/01/VOX-Screenshot-Styleappetite.jpg” alt=”” srcset=”https://storage.googleapis.com/stateless-styleappetite-com/2017/01/VOX-Screenshot-Styleappetite.jpg 1920w, https://storage.googleapis.com/stateless-styleappetite-com/2017/01/VOX-Screenshot-Styleappetite-800×450.jpg 800w, https://storage.googleapis.com/stateless-styleappetite-com/2017/01/VOX-Screenshot-Styleappetite-768×432.jpg 768w, https://storage.googleapis.com/stateless-styleappetite-com/2017/01/VOX-Screenshot-Styleappetite-1600×900.jpg 1600w” sizes=”(max-width: 1920px) 100vw, 1920px” />

Source: Vox ÒProminentÓ

As a small leftover from my travels to HamburgÊbefore,Êmy Hamburg Food Guide finally went onlin with some ofÊy favorite restaurants & cafŽs. And just a few days later, I also told you about my love for one of my home cities: Schwerin. We visited the Museum of Schwerin and went for cakes afterwards at Miss Tšrtchen. Both Valentine’s Day of course! We celebrated our evening withÊa dinner at one of my favorite Asian restaurants here in Berlin District Mot.

In the second half of the month, I was pretty busy with all the carnival preparations and celebrations. But I also managed to visit the CHEERZ x WE ARE KNITTERS EVENT. Together with several blogger girls, we got ourselves involved in some serious knitting-business. 😉 After we finished our ‘Do it yourself’-project, there was plenty of time for coffee & cake and taking pictures, which we would later on use for our CHEERZ Scrapbook. And now, look at me, trying to use my two left hands for creating something decent… . 😉

The last days of February were particularly dark and grey and rainy. So the best time for Netflix and Chill!ÊThat’s why IÊshared with you my favorite Netflix series in one of my weekly reviews. And also, got lots of tipps from you – so I guess we all spent plenty of time at home on the couch, being addicted to Sherlock or Khaleesi or whoever… .Ê;-)

And the last big event of February was my publishment in the newÊBloglight Magazine, which I am sooo happy about! So get a glimpse inside the whole magazine here.



Traveling-wise I will be heading to Lissabon in the middle of march with two of my girls – and I am sooo excited. I have never been to Lissabon but I heard so many great things! 🙂 So if you have any insider tipps for us – let me know?

Blog-related,ÊI am currently working on several travel diaries as well as city guides in order to freshen up my travel category a bit. 😉 Also, the layout changed a little during february and I finally managed to get the language switch in line with the blog design. Apart from that, my Style Appetite Shop has been updated with lots of new pieces for spring.

Personally, I am looking forward to welcoming spring – hopefully sooner than later. 😀 For me, it is enough winter and rain and snow. So I really hope that after coming back from Lissabon (or even before), spring has also sprung here.

SoÊhow about you – what are your plans for the new month?Ê?

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