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Even though that germany might not be famous for its perfect (sunny) weather, I would like to introduce you today to one of my favorite little getaways.And by mentioning that, I think IÕll need to start where it all began: my birth. J Born in Rostock, which is in the very north of Germany and next to the Baltic Sea, IÕve always been a lover of the sea and any lakes (or whatsoever that has to do with water). ThatÕs why I immediately feel like home, whenever I lay my eyes on the big lighthouse of Rostock-Warnemuende and the baltic sea behind.

Growing up on the countryside, I moved to Berlin almost nine years ago. And well you can imagine: the german capital was just far more exciting than the parents house. 😉 With all its thousands of possibilities, shops open around the clock and parties to attend, I almost forgot my native habitat. Berlin became my home now and IÕm more than happy about our lovely apartment in this amazing city. But on the other hand, I noticed that for some time now, I am missing the sea and itÕs serenity.



Consequently, every now and then, I am packing my bags for a little weekend getaway. Of course, in summer and with sunny weather, those little weekend trips are even more fun. But also when its cloudy outside or in fall/winter , IÕd like to breathe in that fresh sea breeze or snuggle myself under a blanket into a beach chair.Ê:-) As these Getaways to the baltic sea have become quite naturally to me, I never really put them into a post here on the blog. But in the last few weeks, more of you kept asking for specific tips and recommendations. So todayÕs post is all about my favorite spots along the baltic sea / Rostock.

After this little trip down my memory lane 😉 the second part of this post will be about tips and recommendations for Rostock Ð Warnemuende. On the hand, youÕll find lots of foodie tips for nice restaurants and cafŽs. And on the other hand, IÕll guide you to some nice locations that you shouldnÕt miss while visiting. So, here we go:

Location: Alter Strom

As soon as you arrive in Rostock Ð Warnemuende, youÕll recognize that the people are drawn towards the sea as if by magic. This road is called exactly ÒAlter StromÓ. Here youÕll find lots of restaurants, cafŽs, shops and probably some Kitsch to get lost in. 😉 Also, if you want to spend some more money, you could rent an apartment for your stay here (but they are quite pricey!). If youÕre in the mood for some picturesque houses, check the side streets for cute facades and charming doors.


Food: Fish restaurant “Am Strom”

I love the approach of the Mix & Match kind of system. You can choose your favorite fish and combine it with any sides and sauces as you want. Definitely a must if youÕre a fish-lover like us Ð my favorite restaurant in this area! (No Ad!) 🙂


Food: “Backfisch Udo”

Ok, probably not a fancy place but definitely the best fish sandwiches in Rostock-Warnemuende. I always choose something from the fresh selection of fish or the (fried) Calamari.

Location: Warnemuende Beach & the Lighthouse

When you walked down the road of ãAlter StromÒ, then youÕll soon arrive at the pier and its enormous lighthouse. Apart from the boats and ships coming in and out, itÕs the perfectlv place to watch the sun going down. And of course it gets even better when you picked up a Fish sandwich before. J If you make your way down to the beach, donÕt forget to rent a giant beach chair. ItÕll protect you against the sun (on hot days) or against the wind and light rain (on colder days) Ð so anyways, itÕs a good investment.


Food/ drinks: “Schusters Strandbar”

If youÕre only looking for a nice drink, cocktail or just an ice cream with an amazing view of the sea, then this place is a Must for you. The sunbeds and chairs are more than comfy and inviting. Leider habe cih hierzu kein aktuelles Bild von euch, aber gleich links vom Leuchtturm findet ihr die Himmelbetten und Sessel.

Food/ Cafe: “Rostockfisch”

Oh yes, this is the most instagrammable Ice cream in this area! The cute fish waffle is filled with fresh ice cream and sooo delicious. Plus, you can choose different toppings. So it is not only very picturesque but also delicious (always a bummer if food only looks good for the photo but does not come up to its expectations). Plus, you can tell all your friends and your family that you already ate “real fish ice cream”. 😉



In case of bad weather, you should definitely take a day off the Baltic sea and get into the city of Rostock. This picture is taken just in front of the town hall, so you can probably guess that the city centre is quite presentable. J Of course there are lots of cafŽs, restaurants and bars located here. Plus, you could indulge in a bit of shopping. Last but not least I could also recommend to stay in one of the hotels here, as they are most of the times more affordable than the houses directly at the

I hope you enjoyed this little journey into my past & the recommendations for a short weekend trip to the Baltic Sea.

And IÕm excited to hear whether you might already been to Rostock / or toÊthe north of Germany? And if not, what your favorite destination is for a little getaway?

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