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If you have been reading Style Appetite for a while, you already know that I’m as much a Foodies as I’m a Fashionista. πŸ˜‰ So before I travel anywhere, I’m always checking in advance for the nicest places to eat and indulge. So this list is for sure not complete, as London offers sooo many nice options. But it is definitely worth trying each of these. Some of them are my favorites since years, some of them are new discoveries… . πŸ™‚


  • The Breakfast Club

This is one of my alltime favorites! They do have multiple locations all over the town, but make sure that you arrive early. As you cannot make a reservation, the place is always crowded. But the wait is deinfitely worth it: they do make the best pancakes with bacon! Unfortunately we were too hungry to take a picture in teh first place but trust me – you need to come here and try them! (Check them out on Insta though if you need to have a little impression.) And make sure to order a big fast Mimosa with it. *Cheers

  • London Grind

We tried this one as it had the ebst location to go to the Tower of Londn afterwards. What I loved most about the place was the cool interior and the very friendly service ! (Wish we had this here in Berlin too. lol). The food was nice but nothing extraordinary to be totally honest with you. But still – worth a recommendation!


  • Farm Girl CafŽ

Oh yes, the hype is real. We arrived early on a saturday morning but still needed to wait 15 minutes (which is quite short when I saw the line of people waiting after us). The place is really cool and of course you see all those cool pictures about pink tables and shabby-shic interior. The food was very good as well (apart from the Pancakes – not my taste to be honest). And I need to come back to try that pink-beetroot-latte. πŸ˜‰




  • Shake Shack

Ok, this might not be a “gourmet hotspot” but for sure, it is one of the best burgers in town. It is a must if you haven’t tried it before! I already knew Shake Shack from our New York Trip and it’s the perfect little lunch or dinner option. It is not really a fancy place, as you need to order and pick up the food by yourself. But – oh my – those Cheese Fries are just heaven!! They are my personal highlight at Shake’s. So I can promise you try them once and you will come back all the time!


  • Ben’s Cookies

Ben’s Cookies is all over London with different little shops and you should take some with you for a picknick or maybe even as a souvenir for your loved ones at home. They are my secret tip for the best cookies in town!! So you should try the soft peanutbutter ones – these ones are my favorites.

  • Laduree Covent Garden

Of course you have heard about Laduree or maybe even been there in Paris. In London, you will find their shop and cafŽ at Covent Garden, which is such a perfect location. Order some of their macarons and a big coffee (or maybe even indulge in the Afternoon tea offer!) and enjoy them at a table outside or the lovely seats upstairs.


  • Peggy Porschen Cakes

Ah, this place is a girl dream come true! All the pink and flowers and cakes and macarons – feels like I did and went to bakery heaven. πŸ™‚ We went here for my birthday breakfast and ordered multiple cakes and macarons and everything was sooo delicious (epecially the salted caramel cupcakes!).



This one is probably the most-wanted section of this post, right?! Of course, there are some touristic spots which you should definitely visit and take “typical London” pictures. Like the red phone booth, or the London Eye, or Tower Bridge and many many more… .

But there are also multiple spots/ backgrounds/ walls, which are top-secret and can only be found via serious Google Maps-action and Sherlock skills. :-DÊ So probably some bloggers and influencers will hate me for spilling all the secrets. As we all know, the hustle about the instagrammable locations is real, right?! #bloggerprobems. But why not share the love (e.g. share the locations), when we can all support each other instead of tearing us down?

And, there are sooo many nice locations all over London. So probably by the time this post is published, there are already lots of new locations which are totally Blogger & Instragram Hotspots. So if you have any other recommendations – share the love & let us know in the comments? ?







The most famous street in Notting Hill is probably Portobello Road. Here you will find so many colorful houses, but you also need to know that they are quite crowded with lots of tourists, who had exactly the same idea of taking pictures in front of them. πŸ˜‰ So it is worth strolling around a bit, discover some streets left and right.




Oh I definitely found my dream house! Not only it is pink and white with delicate golden details. But it is also in a quite nice neighborhood – next to Harrods and dozens of designer stores. πŸ˜‰ The exact dress is 14 Trevor Square, Knightsbridge. You definitely need to stop by here and take some pictures!!



Covent Garden is definitely one of the most photogenic locations in London. Here you will also find Shake Shack, LadurŽ and lots of other nice spotsto take pictures. For example in front of this beautoful Chanel Store or on one of the benches warpped in flowers.



We found these colorful houses by accident, as we ran into them on our way to the subway. They are the perfect alternative to the crowded houses in Notting Hill at Portbello Road! You probably will have the houses all to yourself so you can take your time for photo shootings. πŸ™‚ The exact adress is 41 Conduit Mews, London, W2 3RE. Find more photos of this shooting here by the way.









So I hope this post is your lifesaver for your next London trip and that you can enjoy some of the delicious food. And -hopefully- some empty places for your photo shootings. πŸ™‚ If you still are not sure where to sleep – check out my last post for a comfortable and affordable stay in London. And also, if you have any Insider tips for the perfect London experience, let us all know in the comments. ?


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