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Good Morning, Happy New Year and Hello 2019! With the first weekly review on the blog for 2019, I’m also thinking about changes and new beginnings. And I though of a new format for the weekly review as it became not only a weekly review but more a personal update, a collection of personal favorites at the moments, of events and also just “life”. But at the same time- that’s exactly what Weekly Review stands for right? So maybe it’s just me being a bit crazy again. 😉 So if I can think of a better title – I will definitely let you know. 🙂

And in the meantime – if you have any wishes, requests what you want to see more /less: let me know!

Apart from that, the last week was all about getting back to work and my routine. We threw out our christmas tree, got rid of the decoration and cleaned the house for some good New Year’s spirit. Also, we still had some family visits and of course our routine of going to the gym and brunch afterwards. Never change a winning team right?! ;)Ê

A new (old) love: Pinterest

Some years ago (even before I started the blog) I was pretty obsessed with Pinterest and pinning as much inspo as I could find. With Instagram and Facebook being more popular since then, I was pretty lazy when it came to Pinterest. So you might call it a New Year’s resolution but I definitely re-discovered Pinterest for me and it’s big big love!!! So if you’re looking for some inspiration: take a look at Style Appetite’s Pinterest and let me know yours in the comments?

Shopping Favorites

With Sales going on everywhere, I cannot help but feel a bit uninspired. So I guess we are all waiting for new spring trends and just sort of trying to survive the winter – at least that’s how I feel. 😉 That’s why my shopping list is abit limited at the moment and mostly craving some basics, classics and cute accessoiries as an eyecatcher.

Upcoming Plans

This week will be the first full work week again and you can probably tell that I’m not too excited about this post-christmas-mood. But I’m also looking forward to some family meetings and my day off on friday, where I’m planning some brunch dates and shooting of course.And last but not least, we are planning some trips within Germany but also already for summer – Hamburg, Croatia and more… . These kind of travel planning always helps me to surivive the grey month of January. 😉

So have a great week & tell me about your upcoming plans? ?


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