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Good Morning and hello to the second month of the year! Like I told you before, I’m not a big fan of January and February usually but this year does seem to work out very well. We ended January with a quite spontaneous trip to Hamburg. For one reason, to see the musical “Aladdin” which I have been obsessed with for some time but we never made it. And for the other reason, to visit a very good friend who will leave Germany for some time now, so we of course had to have a little Ladies-Goodbye-Brunch. Apart from that, we enjoyed the hanseatic air and some free time. But I’ll tell you more in an upcoming post this week… so stay tuned.

My last weeks outfits





Shopping Favorites

New season is kicking off soon and bit by bit, the new pieces are arriving in stores as well. So I’m definitely still focused on neutrals but also on white and pastel colors. Apart from that, I’m still searching for the cowboy- inspired boots – yehaaaa!

Upcoming Plans

The upcoming week will be a bit more relaxed, well at least after work I guess. Right now there are many projects and stuff going on in the office, which is why I’m pretty happy to just go for dinner with friends or watch Netflix with my love at home. But I’m definitely looking forward to a karaoke event on Wednesday, because even though I can’t sing, I’m such a fan of it. And I love to perform to BeyoncŽ and Lady Gaga songs – guilty pleasure! 😉 haha What about you?

And if everything works out, I’ll leave Berlin for the weekend again and visit my parents for a relaxed weekend on the countryside. Actually, I’m hoping that there will be some snow as the countryside always looks so dreamy and quiet then. So let’s see – have a great week babes! ?


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